One-on-One Support from DaVinci

Like many people, the Ollmans needed a new roof. Storm damage qualified them for insurance funding. But, where to start? Turns out, all they had to do was look around their own neighborhood.

“A house near us has beautiful composite roofing tile,” says Texas homeowner Peter Ollmann. “When a roofing contractor asked what we liked, we told him to go look at that house. That’s when we learned about DaVinci Roofscapes.”

Getting the Ball Rolling

Ollmann’s original contractor moved slower than he liked. So he picked up the phone and called DaVinci’s headquarters in Kansas. That’s when things started to speed up. Actually, he got far more support than he anticipated.

“Ashley Cisetti in customer service was amazing,” says Ollmann. “She responded immediately and helped me get samples. Ashley was also able to identify several homes in our area we could look at with DaVinci roofs.

“After that she recommended contacting Tice Enterprises for our roofing installation. And, she also put us in touch with color consultant Kate Smith for free color advice. We are really grateful for all Ashley’s help.”

Support from DaVinciProduct Selection Support

As Peter and Kelley Ollmann looked at product and color samples, they started communicating with Smith.

“When I give color advice to DaVinci customers, my goal is to provide them with an understanding of what aspects to consider,” says Smith, president of Sensational Color. “We want people to be happy with their roofing color selection for a lifetime.

“Originally the couple was torn between DaVinci Single-Width and Multi-Width products. They have a beautiful warm stone and brick exterior. I suggested the DaVinci Multi-Width Slate tiles since the product lends itself to the old world craftsman feel of their home exterior.”

The brick and stone on the Ollmann home are a mix of straight and staggered lines. Therefore, Smith advised that the composite slate tiles could be installed in either straight or staggered courses. Straight would be similar to their current roof design, while staggered would change up the appearance.

The Ollmanns decided on the charm of a staggered course of roofing. After that, the discussion turned to color.

Color Choice Support

“When selecting a roof, the primary goal is to find a color and style that works with both the siding and key features of your home,” says Smith. “The colors don’t need to match. However, you want them to look like they blend naturally.”

To accent their stone and brick exterior, the Ollmanns selected Weathered Green roofing. The blend includes five colors: Light Green, Dark Green, Green Stone, Dark Tan and Dark Stone.

“Weathered Green plays up the colors on the stonework and brick beautifully,” says Smith. “The subtle blending of colors in Weathered Green enhances the exterior without competing for attention with the many other amazing architectural details on this home.

“By choosing Weathered Green the Ollmanns set their home apart. The color is so perfect for this house — it exudes curb appeal.”

Installation TimeSupport from DaVinci

For installation of the composite slate roofing, the Ollmanns went with Cisetti’s original suggestion: Tice Enterprises.

“The owner was great,” says Ollmann. “Very straight forward and highly knowledgeable on the DaVinci product. His estimates were accurate and his crews are top notch. We really enjoyed having them on our property.”

Talk of the Neighborhood

With the re-roofing now complete, Ollmann and his wife have been contacted by neighbors who admire and appreciate the new roof. Even the local cable tech who recently visited couldn’t stop talking about the new roof.

“Right from the start we loved the way the DaVinci roof looks,” says Ollmann. “The DaVinci team was very helpful and supportive throughout the entire process.

“Above all, we wanted a roof that will last our lifetime. Now we have one that looks so attractive on our home to carry us through!