Oregon Homeowner Takes Time Selecting DaVinci Roof

Homeowner Henry Bretthauer is known for being cautious. He does his research and carefully weighs options before making purchasing decisions. That’s why it didn’t surprise his family and friends that it took 643 days for him to investigate and decide on his new DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Slate roof.

“The original wood shake roof on our 20-year old home started to get soft from all the rain we have here,” says Bretthauer, a resident of Eugene, Oregon. “I had two companies tell us it needed replacing and from the ladder I could see that it was time for an upgrade.”

In the back of his mind Bretthauer had been thinking about a new roof two years ago. That’s when he and his wife went to a local home and garden show and saw a brochure from DaVinci. “We studied the brochure and then drove to a location with this polymer roof,” says Bretthauer. “I liked what I saw, so we requested samples and reviewed them. We could tell the product was tough and durable with a good look to it.”

After more research and sharing the samples with their neighbors to gain input and approval of the local homeowners association, the Bretthauers decided to make a change from shake roofing to slate. They selected the DaVinci Multi-Width Slate Gray roof to compliment the color of their house, the mortar and brick.

“Investing time to research our options really paid off,” says Bretthauer. “The company’s warranty is unbeatable and the roof looks sensational. I would recommend this roof to anyone because it resists moss and mildew so the roof is virtually maintenance free. Even the birds that used to gather on our old wood shake roof are finally gone. So this roof has solved many problems for us while enhancing the look and value of our home.”