Persistence Pays Off for Roofer

Determined. Resilient. Stubborn. Those words could easily describe Ryan Lephart. During his nine-year quest for approval to install composite roofing materials in the Muirfield Village community, he’s also been very persistent… and that persistence has definitely paid off.

“Acceptance of new products comes slowly to some people,” says Lephart, director of business development for Great Roofing. “This is a planned community. In the past it has only accepted real slate and shake roofing materials. Now we’ve finally gotten a toe-hold. We’ve gained approval for composite materials in Muirfield. As a result, we’ve installed our first DaVinci Multi-Width Shake roof there.”

Developing Muirfield

The Muirfield concept was started in 1968 when golfer Jack Nicklaus teamed up with design and building professionals in Dublin, Ohio. His goal was to convert unspoiled land into a world-renowned golf club and living area.

Another beautiful Muirfield home, resplendent in it's DaVinci Multi-Width Shake and Slate

The family-friendly community of Muirfield, a complex with winding, tree-lined streets, condos, and patio and single-family homes, now boasts nearly 2,400 families who enjoy easy access to two nearby Jack Nicklaus golf courses.

Composite Roofing Under Review

By the time Lephart started lobbying for composite roofing tiles, Muirfield’s original shake and slate roofs had significantly deteriorated. However, the Design Control Committee for the development didn’t allow for roof repairs… only roof replacements.

“Design standards are very high at Muirfield,” says Lephart. “For nine years I presented the DaVinci product option because of its high aesthetic and performance values.”

“Recently I met with their Board again. New, more progressive people are now on the Board. I brought in six boxes of DaVinci tiles and laid them out on the tables. I wanted people to see and feel the quality of the products.”

Attributes Win Over Board

Thanks to Lephart’s persistence, the Muirfield Design Control Committee has finally agreed to allow the installation of DaVinci Multi-Width Shake and DaVinci Multi-Witdh Slate in their community.  And, after nine years of persistence, Lephart has re-roofed his first DaVinci home at Muirfield.

“We had a beautiful shake composite in a Chesapeake color installed on a home on Aryshire Drive,” says Lephart. “We see this as a starting point in this community. With the DaVinci product now being an option for homeowners to choose for roof replacements, we believe residents will select the product for its beauty and durability.”

With locations in Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio, plus Denver and Colorado Springs, Colo., Great Roofing team members are up-to-date with national roofing trends.

“Demand for DaVinci composite slate and shake shingles is up in all our locations,” says Lephart. “People want impact- and fire-resistant roofing. They want roofing with a strong warranty and incredibly appealing looks. Basically, they want everything that DaVinci has to offer them in a roofing product.”