Polymer Shake Roofing Appreciated in North Carolina

In Todd, N.C., roofer Ken Bowman has been busy. Bowman,  who installs roofs at the Stonebridge Log Home community in Todd, finds that homeowners appreciate the authenticity of the polymer cedar shake roofs he installs.

“We’ve replaced about 15 of the original wood roofs on homes in this community with the polymer shake DaVinci products over the past several years with widespread applause from all the homeowners,” says Bowman, owner of Blue Ridge Roofing. “The humid environment we have in the mountains here works against natural cedar shake, giving them a lifespan of perhaps just 20 years.

“DaVinci gives the residents the look of cedar shake, but with a much longer life span. Also, the product is not combustible and provides better protection from fire than real cedar shake. Since every home in Stonebridge has at least one fireplace that they use actively, it’s not worth the gamble to keep real cedar wood shakes on a roof when the DaVinci product is available.”

Each DaVinci Shake roofing tile is made of virgin resins that include fire retardants, state-of-the-art color and ultraviolet stabilizers and inorganic pigments that are safe for the environment. Each tile is completely recyclable and selecting the polymer roof tiles over wood shakes helps save trees.