Polymer Shake Tiles Ideal Siding for Rustic Home

What do you do if you’re a homeowner with a metal roof, but you still love the look of DaVinci synthetic shake shingles? If you’re Harry Brinkerhoff, you have your installer use the shake roofing materials as siding for your home!

“Harry wanted a distinct look to his home exterior so we suggested using single-widthShake as siding to complement the rustic style of his house,” says Luke Duman, project manager/estimator of Guarantee Roofing & Sheet Metal in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. “He selected the New Cedar color blend which really looks like cedar shake siding. Because he has a lighter, tan-colored metal roof, the finished combination is extremely appealing. The metal roof with the synthetic shake siding looks fantastic.

“This kind of project shows the versatility of DaVinci products. Their durability allowed us to use the top-quality polymer roofing shingles in a unique siding application. And, because these roofing tiles resist algae, insects, impact and fire, the homeowner has a home exterior he can rely on for decades to come.”

Duman recommends that others thinking of this type of siding application be especially cautious of the trim detail and use 24 gauge or thicker metal for the trim pieces. “We started with a commercial-grade Tyvek underlayment, then put on the single-widthShakes,” says Duman. “Making the metal trim finishing pieces was the most challenging part of the entire installation. This is a really unique application that any contractor can do to make a home exterior more unique.”