Primrose School of Blue Valley Opens with Composite Slate Roof Overhead

Grand opening celebrations for Primrose School of Blue Valley included children’s games, face-painting, fun foods and a traditional ribbon cutting ceremony. The March 24th event gave people an opportunity to tour the new school. As they entered the striking new brick and stone structure, the composite slate roof overhead caught the attention of many guests.

“We truly like the look of the new composite slate roof,” says Arjun Amaran, owner of Primrose School of Blue Valley in Overland Park, Kansas. “We own another school, Primrose School of Leawood. For that school we had a DaVinci Roofscapes composite slate roof put on six years ago.

Primrose School of Blue Valley Composite Slate Roof

“That roof has held up very well. We liked the durability of the composite roof and wanted to keep the two schools consistent in looks and product selection. Overall, the appearance of this composite slate roof is much better than simply using the standard asphalt roofs that you see on many homes.” 

Excelling at School

As with the new school, Primrose School of Leawood also features a design that makes the steep slope of the roof an integral visual point of the single-story structure. Both schools focus on programs serving children from six-week-old infants to private kindergarten.

Primrose School of Blue Valley Composite Slate Roof

Primrose School of Blue Valley Composite Slate Roof

At the new school, there are 11 classrooms that can handle about 200 children. “We focus on balanced learning in our schools,” says Amaran. “We’ve found that purposeful play and nurturing guidance from teachers are key components that help children develop and excel.”

Roofs Stand up to Weather

Before the doors opened on the newest Primrose School, the crew from Midwest Roofing was overhead installing the Single-Width Slate roof from DaVinci. With more than 30 years experience in roofing installations, the team has installed many composite roofing projects.

Primrose School of Blue Valley Composite Slate Roof“We completed our work in late 2017 on this roof,” says Jeff Schendel, owner and CEO of Midwest Roofing. “This is the second composite slate roof we’ve installed for Primrose. The first was on the school in Leawood, and that’s held up extremely well.

“When you think about the intense weather conditions we receive in Kansas, it’s incredible that the DaVinci roofs hold up so well. We get everything from hail to high winds to snow. Year-after-year the composite roofing takes a beating but handles it perfectly.”

Single-Width composite slate tiles add a budget-friendly touch to a project. The tiles can be installed in either a straight or staggered pattern. The uniform tile size and impact-resistant composite construction work to reduce waste and speed up installation on the job site.

From buildings at Notre Dame University to the signature Old Main structure at Utah State University, DaVinci composite roofing materials have be used on dozens of school structures throughout the country. Click HERE to view an extensive variety of project profiles featuring our composite slate and shake roofing materials on school across the nation.