Color Confusion? Consult with Kate!

DaVinci's free professional color support assisted this homeowner with choosing the ideal color for his replacement composite roof.
Dr. Armando Saltiel knew it was time to replace the 25-year-old cedar shake roof on his home. After meeting with his roofer, he was secure in his decision to invest in DaVinci Select Shake. However, without professional color support that confidence waned when it came time to choose the shade that would best complement his Victorian-style house.

Fortunately Dr. Saltiel mentioned the concern to his DaVinci Customer Service Representative. That’s when he learned that DaVinci offers color consultations with color expert Kate Smith, president of Sensational Color.

“I’ve been providing one-on-one roofing color advice for 10 years,” says Smith. “Homeowners share pictures of their houses. Then I ask questions about everything from the direction the home faces to the fixed features of the home, like the stone or brick siding. From there I offer several color options. Then we talk about why those roofing colors would best complement their homes.”

Professional Color Support

Smith, whose services can be requested through the DaVinci website, consults with hundreds of homeowners each year on roofing colors. She has also has authored several ebooks for DaVinci.

“I view each home as a new canvas,” says Smith. “In the case of Dr. Saltiel’s home, we looked at Autumn, Tahoe and Aged Cedar as roofing color possibilities. I encouraged him to place samples of each of these tiles alongside the house in daylight, during different times of the day. Then I asked him to stand back about 20 feet and determine which color he found most appealing.

“From here we spoke about the variations of each color. Right from the start Dr. Saltiel found the Autumn mix of cedar shades a bright accent to his home. The tonal changes accentuate his gorgeous roofline and architectural details of the roof.”

After working with Smith, Dr. Saltiel did indeed select the Autumn color for his Select Shake roof. “Kate’s recommendations were very helpful,” says Dr. Saltiel. “We chose her suggestion and we’re very pleased with the color and how it complements our new roof.”

Professional color support enabled this homeowner to settle on the Autumn color in Select Shake, which perfectly complements his home. Creating Curb Appeal

With the color selected, the roofing order was placed by Shakes Roofing and Siding. As the crew took off the old roof, they discovered the real cedar shakes were rotting and falling apart.

“Dr. Saltiel decided to replace his roof just in time,” says Keith Knighton, owner and president of Shakes Roofing and Siding out of Libertyville, Illinois. “We had repaired this roof a few years ago for leaks. However, a recent hail storm had done major damage. He moved ahead with a full replacement at just the right time.”

The Shakes Roofing crew worked for two weeks on the installation. The team has installed DaVinci products for more than 10 years, so their expertise is precise. They completed the project with the addition of snow guards on key areas of the roof.

“The new Select Shake roof on this home looks sensational,” says Knighton. “We actually had someone tell us they almost drove off the road while looking at the roof! She’s now a client currently picking out her own DaVinci roof.

“The curb appeal that these composite roofs add to homes is amazing. And the ability for a homeowner to have free color assistance from Kate Smith is an added bonus. We’ll be recommending this service to our customers in the future!”