Real Cedar Shakes Don’t Last

How long will a real cedar shake roof last on a home in Maryland? Marcus Price knows the answer to that question. No longer than 24 years. That’s the age of his home. And, that’s when he decided a new roof was definitely needed.

“The original real cedar roof was severely worn,” says Price, a resident of Mitchellville, Maryland. “Upon inspection we found wind and hail damage to the real cedar shakes. There was also a small leak that started this year.”

Bye-Bye Real Cedar

After enlisting an evaluation by the roofing professionals at ARCH Exteriors, Price’s fears were confirmed. His real cedar roof would not make it through another year.

“The cedar shakes on this roof were in poor condition with active leaking present,” says Sam Wadding with ARCH Exteriors out of Ijamsville, Maryland. “Due to the bad condition of the natural cedar we could not offer any repair options. It was definitely time for a full roof replacement.

“Our recommendation was a DaVinci Roofscapes shake roof. We install about 10 DaVinci composite roofs a year in this area. These are quality products with a no-nonsense warranty. Ultimately, that brings peace-of-mind to anyone investing in this composite roofing.”

Select Shake

Selecting Select Shake

A new roof meant a blank slate of options for Price. The homeowner started as many people do — with a search of the internet. He also spoke with a neighbor, who was getting a Select Shake roof from DaVinci Roofscapes.

“I want a roof with the appearance of real cedar shake, but with a much cleaner appearance,” says Price. “Of course, low maintenance was a goal. But, more than that, I searched for a realistic looking faux cedar roof with long-term durability.”

One of four shake profiles offered by DaVinci, Select Shake features multi-width tiles with the authentic look of real cedar shake taken from natural wood profiles. Available in eight- and 10-inch widths, each DaVinci Select Shake tile is 22-inches long and has a 5/8-inch thickness. The 10-inch wide pieces have a simulated keyway. This gives the appearance of four- and six-inch width shakes placed together.

Color Choice

After making the choice to ditch his real cedar roof in favor of a composite shake roof, Price next made a decision on the color. He chose a Mountain blend featuring three shades: Light Mountain, Medium Mountain and Dark Mountain.

“The Mountain color complements our terra cotta porch,” says Price. “It looks really nice with the white stucco siding. Overall, this composite shake roof makes our home look fresh and new.”

Roof of a Lifetime Select Shake

The team at ARCH Exteriors was happy to take on the challenge of a new composite shake roof for the Price home. Multiple dormers and turrets give interesting design appeal to the structure.

“Our job is to help our customers solve issues with their current roofs,” says Wadding. “We want to provide them with a roof they’ll love for years. In this case, the Select Shake looks very authentic compared to real cedar. In addition, it can be installed with a seamless appearance.

“There’s a large amount of roof area on the Price home that can be seen from the ground. The DaVinci product has a natural look. We’re especially pleased that the Select Shake not only enhances the look of this home, but it’s a maintenance-free roof that will last a lifetime.”