Real Shake Look Without Real Shake Problems

Do you know the way to San Jose? In the 1960s Dionne Warwick famously sang about finding her way back to this beautiful town and gaining peace-of-mind. And now, in 2020, peace-of-mind is exactly what Marianne and Rene Accornero have found with their new synthetic shake roof.

The Accornero home in San Jose was built in the 1970s. Atop the home were real wood shake shingles. Then, 18 years ago they replaced the roof with concrete tiles. Fast forward to this year. A leak was discovered in the roof.

Unfortunately the leaky roof was not the only discovery. When the professional roofing team from Exclusively Roofing inspected the roof, they discovered that a previous roofer had incorrectly installed the concrete tiles. The result? The entire roof needed replacing.

Synthetic Shake Solution

“With the previous roofer out of business, my husband immediately went on the Internet,” says Marianne Accornero. “Above all, we wanted a roof that realistically looked like wood shake but wasn’t wood or tile. DaVinci Roofscapes came up on that search.”

The Accorneros contacted DaVinci and met with a local representative. They were impressed by the appearance, warranty and safety ratings of the Select Shake roofing product.

“Our house design is all roof,” says Accornero. “It was important that we choose a roofing product to do the home justice. Our roof sets the tone for our home’s curb appeal. That’s why the selection of both the synthetic shake tile and color are so important to us.”

The Accorneros chose the Autumn color blend in the Select Shake profile. With the various hues and tones, they felt the Autumn blend best replicated the wood shake appearance they desired.

Autumn Residential

Roofer Helps Homeowner Visions Come to Life

When it came time to install the new roof, the team at Exclusively Roofing was there to help. The talented company has installed DaVinci products for 15 years.

“The Accorneros wanted a real shake look without real shake problems,” says Chris Brown with Exclusively Roofing out of San Jose. “To us, DaVinci products answer that need.

“When our customers ask what the potential upside is for investing in a DaVinci product we tell them they’re paying for the slate or shake of the future. This is because DaVinci’s materials last for a lifetime.

“The durability of the impact- and fire-resistant synthetic shake and slate tiles is amazing. DaVinci products are lighter in weight than nature shake and slate. Their high ratings and warranty speak for themselves.

“In addition, the color is locked in each Select Shake tile. There will be no fading or changes over time. The Autumn colors the Accorneros love today will be exactly the same several decades from now.”

Real Shake Problems

Final Curb Appeal Touch

With the new Select Shake roof installed, the Accorneros are pleased with their decision.

“Actually, we are so impressed with our new DaVinci roof that we made another major curb appeal decision for our home,” says Accornero. “We added a new decorative driveway to complement our roof. Now we can easily agree with Dionne Warwick’s song — we want to stay in San Jose!”