Replacing Slate Roof with Synthetic Slate Roofing

Hail and real slate roofing simply don’t get along. Just ask Jeanie Luskey-Huffman. After multiple hail storms caused significant damage to her slate roof, she opted for problem-free synthetic slate roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes.

“We loved the real slate roof, but the last hail storm forced us to replace the entire roof because of damage,” says Luskey-Huffman, a Westover Hills, Texas resident. “Our contractor told us about the composite roofing materials from DaVinci and we were intrigued.

“After riding around our area we discovered that many of our neighbors had used synthetic slate roofing. The product has a pleasing, clean look and is much less costly than real slate. Add to that the strong warranty and we were sold.”

Advice from a Roofer

Educating homeowners is a critical part of roofing projects according to Weston Selman, project manager with RS Meridian Roofing and Construction. “In north Texas, impact resistance features and fire ratings of roofing products are major factors,” says Selman. “For this project we needed to provide the homeowner with an alternative to real slate roofing that would meet her aesthetic and practical expectations for a roof.”

Selman, who has installed DaVinci composite roofing products for more than five years, didn’t hesitate to recommend a DaVinci Single-Width Slate roof in a European blend of four colors.

synthetic slate roofing

“Cost was a factor in the decision, along with adhering to the strict guidelines in this neighborhood,” says Selman. “Westover Hills is an upscale city in Fort Worth. They have strict guidelines for architecture, and DaVinci is one of the recommended roofing products in this area.

“Most importantly, the look of this new installed composite roof brought sheer joy to the homeowners. They kept saying ‘it looks so real!’ … their satisfaction and excitement was contagious.”

From Real Slate to Synthetic Slate

synthetic slate roofing

Situated on the Shady Oaks Golf Course with an abundance of views, the Luskey-Huffman home was built about 24 years ago. To top off the expansive 5,579-square-foot house, the original roofer chose a blended Vermont slate.

“While the real slate was beautiful, unfortunately the homeowner experienced ongoing maintenance concerns with leaks and cracks for years,” says Selman. “Once the decision was made to re-roof with DaVinci, we were able to confidently attack the roofing project.

“Because the original roof was slate, the home is framed accordingly. That allowed us to position the DaVinci slate tile bundles on the roof with no concerns. I daresay we could not have pre-loaded slate in the same manner — it’s simply too heavy.”