Riva Ridge HOA Approves Synthetic Shake Roofs

With their HOA approved synthetic shake, Riva Ridge II residents now enjoy Lifetime Limited Warranties on their roofs.
Here’s the truth. Over time, and subjected to the weather, real cedar shake roofs fail.

In Libertyville, Illinois, the Riva Ridge community of 325 townhomes discovered that truth after only 16 years. Quite simply, their cedar shake roofs were failing. Installed on a hard deck that did not allow the shakes to “breath” or dry out, they deteriorated prematurely.

To combat the problem, homeowners in the Riva Ridge HOA II investigated the benefits of Select Shake composite roofing. With a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty, they liked what they saw.

“The appearance of DaVinci’s Select Shake most resembles cedar shake roofs,” says Jack Chizek, president of the Riva Ridge Umbrella Association. “These composite shakes have the appearance that maintains the overall look of our community.”

Thanks to a change in their original regulations, these Riva Ridge II HOA approved synthetic shake roofs will protect residents homes for decades to come. Standing Up for Composite Roofing

However, before Chizek and his HOA approved synthetic shake roofing, they had a big hurdle to get past. Under the “Planned Unit Development (PUD) Agreement” with the Village of Libertyville, real cedar was required as the only roofing option.

“In order to use DaVinci, we had to change our original 1983 agreement with the Village,” says Chizek. “Initially they were unwilling to consider a change. I attended 17 private and public meetings over a 2-1/2 year time frame. It was a long haul to finally convince the Village leaders to allow us to bring the composite roofing into Riva Ridge.”

Winning the Battle and Moving Forward

With a sigh of relief and a decision to move forward, Riva Ridge HOA II hired Shake Guys to reroof the 153 homes within their 48 buildings.

“The Shake Guys had provided us with repairs in the past,” says Chizek. “They demonstrated their commitment to fine craftsmanship. They had experience with DaVinci product. Therefore, it was determined they were the best qualified contractor to install the product.”

As the project got started, Chad Janisch, owner of Shake Guys, immediate got his team focused on preparations for the multifaceted project.

“We knew the homeowners would be living on site during the reroofing,” says Janisch. “That means extra care and safety taken in all aspects of the project. Fortunately our team rises to these special projects. Especially when working with DaVinci products. We’re ‘all in’ for making the final results live up to the expectations of our customers.”

For the Riva Ridge project, a Mountain color of Select Shake was chosen. The realistic-looking multi-width tiles are molded from natural wood profiles. With features that far exceed real cedar shakes, the composite roofing tiles are all Class A fire and Class 4 impact rated. In addition, the tiles resist insects, algae and mold growth, fungus, splitting and high winds. Above all, residents will no longer have to worry about rotting, cracking or fading of the shakes on their roofs.

Riva Ridge II residents in more than 48 buildings and 153 homes now enjoy the beauty of HOA approved synthetic shake roofs.Right Roofer for the Job

Now that the HOA approved synthetic shake and the project is complete, Chizek and the Riva Ridge II homeowners feel relief, gratitude and excitement.

“Right from the start we knew this was a multi-million dollar roofing job,” says Chizek. “In considering the right contractor, we wanted to make sure we selected a company with the ability to get the job done in a timely basis. In addition, they needed to do the job in the best manner to get results done in the right way. You always hope they will meet your expectations, but you can never be certain.

“With Shake Guys, they completely skyrocketed past our expectations! They blew me away with their results. Thanks to them, we have the best-looking and best-installed roofs in the area. While they made it look effortless, I know it wasn’t.

“Our homeowners love their new roofs. The Select Shake profiles look much better than any real cedar shake could ever look. We’re all grateful for the longevity of the composite roofing and the peace of mind they’ll provide us with for years to come.”