Roofer Endorses DaVinci Roofscapes

Beauty, authenticity and impact-resistance. Those are the three top features that have most helped roofer Mike Heiland sell DaVinci Roofscapes polymer roofing to his customers for almost a dozen years.

"Purchasing DaVinci's composite roofing over natural slate roof tiles or cedar shake roofing is a no brainer," says Heiland, president of Heiland Roofing and Exteriors in Wichita, Kansas. "The look and durability of these imitation slate and synthetic shake shingles is simply incredible. Plus, we save time and money on the jobsite for the homeowner by installing these sustainable roofing tiles."

A longtime contractor, Heiland and his team install approximately 10 DaVinci roofs each year.

"These products are very installer friendly," says Heiland. "They're lightweight, easy to cut and walk on. We mostly do reroofing of residential properties, but we're definitely seeing an uptick in commercial projects, like banks and office buildings. The trend now is that we're seeing more architects specify DaVinci right on their plans.

"For our geographic area — and any part of the country that can get severe weather — the impact resistancy of the DaVinci products is a tremendous asset," says Heiland. "Hail simply bounces off these composite shake and synthetic slate roofs.

"I believe in the product so much that I put a DaVinci Multi-Width Shake designer roof on my own home to help protect my investment!"