Roofer Insights into DaVinci Composite Roofing

Jordan Eades, president of HOPE Roofing & Construction in Washington, has some insightful opinions about her experiences with polymer roofing and DaVinci Roofscapes. She’s sharing those thoughts with you today!

Faux SlateQ: What have you experienced as some of the benefits of synthetic roofing material?

A: Because they are lightweight tiles, DaVinci polymer roof tiles place less stress on the structure of a home. From our perspective, the product is easy to install when compared to natural slate and cedar shake roofing. Another benefit is less waste, as the eco friendly roof products are of consistent quality. These features combined benefit both the contractor and the client with cost savings.

Q: What about the look of synthetic shake and composite slate from DaVinci?

A: Because we service an area with many historic homes, our customers are looking for roofing products that have the look and feel of natural slate and shake. DaVinci products deliver this authentic look. The company offers a wide range of choices that our customers appreciate.

Q: How are you “selling” DaVinci composite roofing to your clients?

A: DaVinci products sell themselves! More and more, we hear our clients asking for products that will withstand climate conditions in the Pacific Northwest. They are looking for roofing products that are more resistant to weathering, are low maintenance in terms of upkeep, offer a lifetime warranty and improve the curb appeal of their home.