Roofer Selects Composite Shake Tiles for His Own Cabin

Custom Shake Roof How often have you asked a doctor, mechanic or even a hair stylist what they would do in your shoes? People often ask roofers what they would do in their situation, too.

Go ahead. If you’re in the Omaha area, just ask roofer Mark Passer that question and he’ll tell you he’s put a DaVinci composite shake roof on his own home.

“Our company has installed dozens of DaVinci roofs over the years, so it was a no-brainer when it came time for me to decide what type of composite shake tiles to put on my own home,” says Passer, owner of United Services Design + Build, out of Omaha, Neb.

While he works in Omaha, Passer has an A-frame getaway cabin in Nederland, Colo. What he found out over the years was that it was not an easy getaway when he continually had to worry about the structure’s wood shake shingles.

“Those wood shakes had exceeded their life span, particularly due to the harsh elements of the Colorado mountains,” says Passer. “On top of the ongoing maintenance issues with real wood shake shingles, they were also a fire hazard. The Cold Springs forest fire in 2016 came within a quarter of a mile of the house. That was an eye-opener for me that we needed to take preventative measures.”

Investing in Composite Shake Roofing

Colorado Shake RoofIn 2018 Passer took those measures. He invested in a DaVinci Bellaforté Shake roof to top his 1960’s cabin. A custom color blend including Mountain, Weathered Gray and Tahoe create a striking roof for the rustic location.

“My cabin sits at 8,400 feet and is subjected to a variety of weather conditions,” says Passer. “From extreme wind to intense heat to hail and snow, this location needs a DaVinci roof.

“I chose DaVinci because I believe in it for my customers and for myself. The Bellaforté product has a beautiful look of wood shake, but with the durability, fire resistance and fade resistance that I need.”

Reliable Roofs

During his daily business activities in Omaha, Passer sees a resemblance in weather patterns to those in Colorado.

“Omaha also has extreme weather,” says Passer. “From intense summer heat and frequent hail storms to frigid winters with lots of snow. The impact resistance of DaVinci’s composite roofing is a huge benefit for people throughout the Midwest.

“Every year we install about a dozen DaVinci roofs in the Omaha area. People with real wood shake roofs are definitely gravitating to long-lasting, no-nonsense composite roofing.”

Farewell to Roofing Headaches

One of the homeowners Passer and his team have helped gain greater peace-of-mind with composite roofing is Ron Flock. When it was time to replace his thick wood shake shingles, he turned to United Services Design + Build for assistance.

Nebraska Shake Roof

“Our previous roof was about 20 years old and had gone through several severe hail storms,” says Flock, a resident of Papillion, Nebraska. “We’ve seen hail all the way up to the size of baseballs over the years. You could see dents in our wood shingles and we’d get occasional leaks in our roof.”

To reduce his maintenance headaches and improve the curb appeal of his home, Flock invested in a DaVinci composite shake roof.

“This new DaVinci roof definitely gives me peace of mind,” says Flock. “It not only looks beautiful, but it’s virtually hail proof. It’s already been tested by hailstorms and is blemish-free. And, the lifetime limited warranty gives me confidence that this roof will take care of us for decades to come.”

Flock is quick to point out that he often gets requests from friends and people passing by about his composite shake roof.

“I’m happy to answer their questions about my DaVinci roof,” says Flock. “And, I’m equally pleased to recommend Mark Passer and United Services. This is a company that has a well-trained installation crew, stands behind their work and has provided me with a new roof that I’m proud to have on my home.”