Roofing Decision Pays Off for Homeowner

Deciding on a new roof is a big decision. Especially when you’re replacing a failing, older roof. You want to make the right choice for your new roofing material. That takes time and research.

It also takes the support and patience of a really good roofer.

That’s what Joan and John Kelleman found when they worked with Klausmair Construction to replace their leaking cedar shake roof. They spent two years researching roofing options, planning and budgeting.

The team at Klausmair Construction shared a wide variety of options with them. But it wasn’t until John Kelleman asked to see a sample of DaVinci composite slate that the roofing plan started falling into place.

Performance-wise, DaVinci goes beyond asphalt while offering a realistic-looking slate with colors and styles to complement every home. Realistic-Looking Slate

“In our opinion, DaVinci Roofscapes is one of the best roofing materials in the marketplace for residential applications,” according to Evan Klausmair, general manager of Klausmair Construction. “For anyone with the budget and desire to go a different direction than basic asphalt, this is our ‘go to’ product.”

Once Klausmair shared the sample of the DaVinci product, the Kelleman’s search was over. They loved the idea of switching from a cedar shake to a slate look. And, they fell in love with the authentic-looking DaVinci slate profiles.

For their home and pool house, the Kellemans chose DaVinci Multi-Width Slate in a Slate Gray color. The impact-resistant tiles are made of virgin resins, UV and thermal stabilizers. There’s also a highly-specialized fire retardant in the formula, making the tiles fire resistant. The aesthetically pleasing composite slate roof is backed by a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty.

DaVinci Fan Club

As the roofing project got underway, Klausmair and his team became the talk of the neighborhood. Many homeowners stopped by to watch the DaVinci roofing installation. Several also asked for roofing quotes for their own homes.

“Feedback from the neighbors was uplifting,” says Klausmair. “This project is very special. With every DaVinci tile that went on you could tell the positive change taking place on the home.”

To accent the composite slate roofing, copper valleys and flashings were added to the roofline. Copper snow guards from Berger® were also strategically placed for snow retention.

That’s What a Good Roofer Does

Looking back over the timeline of the project, Klausmair isn’t bothered a bit by the two years it took the Kellemans to make their realistic-looking slate roofing decision.

“A new roof is a big decision and investment,” says Klausmair. “We had many trips back and forth to share samples and make presentations. That’s what a good roofer does.

“Overall, the Kellemans were receptive to our input and appreciated our suggestions. We put a lot of time and effort into providing a positive and informed experience for our customer. At the end of the day, when the selection was made, they knew exactly what to expect. And, most importantly, that gave them comfort and confidence with their roofing selection.

“The installation is beautiful. The DaVinci roof adds both value and elegance to this home. The time and effort these homeowners took to make their roofing decision has really paid off for them.”

Realistic-looking slate not only fixed the leaks in this home's roof but also provides aesthetic beauty and resiliency -- backed by a Limitied Lifetime Warranty -- for years to come.