Roofing Do-Over

No one expects to need a new roof on a four-year-old home. However, when Mother Nature stopped by for an unwanted visit, that’s exactly what happened to the Shipmans.

“Texas storms can be brutal,” says homeowner David Shipman Jr. “We have a complicated roof design with all the mansard applications. The original composite shingles were literally getting blown off our home. They just couldn’t stand up to our wind and severe weather.”

Welcoming Synthetic Slate

For the Shipman family, the storms had a silver lining. A new composite roof from DaVinci Roofscapes.

“I’d seen the DaVinci products for years as an alternative to natural slate,” says Shipman, with Shipman Companies, a family-owned and operated real estate investment firm. “Once our original roof failed, this opened the door for us to get a truly long-lasting roofing product. I was especially impressed with the ability to have a slate-looking product without having to add more framing and structural components.”

Custom Color Blend

Mansard Roofing Installation

To install the massive roof, Shipman turned to Cristhian Gomez with CLD Construction. Despite the unique home design, the roofing team confidently handled the installation.

“Our crew is really familiar with all the DaVinci products,” says Gomez. “I recommend them continually to people in our area. For this project we did everything. We installed the DaVinci Slate and the metal transitions. Plus, we installed  the flashings on all the chimneys and dormers.

“Installation of the DaVinci product is fast and easy. In addition, the customer is always pleased with the final results.”

Customized Color BlendCustom Color Blend

For this particular re-roofing job, Gomez made certain his team was ready for a special request from the homeowners. The Shipmans ordered the European blend. This features the four colors of Light, Medium and Dark Gray, plus Dark Purple. They customized the roof by adding in 10% of the Evergreen blend. This includes Light and Dark Green. Therefore, it created a more natural slate look.

“Chris and his team were great,” says Shipman. “They combined the six colors perfectly. The result is a very stately, classic look. The new DaVinci roof changed the look entirely of our home. Hands down it now has a more sophisticated appearance. In addition, we know that the durability of this composite slate tile means we won’t fall victim again to Mother Nature’s wrath!”