Seasoned Roofer Gets Lesson in Composite Slate Roofing

George Vassallo knows roofs. As the president of one of Canada’s oldest construction firms, Vassallo deals with roofing everyday for his commercial clients. However, when it came to reroofing his own home, he was in for an education.

“Until AAA Roofmasters brought DaVinci Roofscapes to my attention, I had not heard of the composite slate product,” says Vassallo, president of Bothwell-Accurate. “I love the fact that the longevity, appearance and aesthetics of the composite slate tiles are so impressive.”

Only the Best

Only the Best

Vassallo’s introduction to DaVinci started earlier this year. After moving into a home with real cedar shingles, he knew a change was in order.

“The home is about 25 years old,” says Vassallo, a resident of Mississauga, Ontario. “The roof was at the end of its life cycle. It had moss growth and the shakes were in bad shape. We were concerned about winter weather and the possibility of leaking. So I reached out to AAA Roofmasters. I’ve had dealings with them before. I always appreciated their workmanship.”

To top off Vassallo’s home, Scott Lee with AAA Roofmasters recommended a DaVinci Multi-Width Slate roof.

“This homeowner knows roofing,” says Lee, vice president of production and operations for AAA Roofmasters. “He wanted a high quality product with durability. It was important to him to get high performance that would last for decades. In addition, he wanted the new roof to add curb appeal to his home. That’s why I knew DaVinci was the answer.”

Composite Roofing 101Only the Best

DaVinci composite slate is made of virgin resins, UV and thermals stabilizers plus a highly-specialized fire retardant. The state-of-the-art tiles endure any climate beautifully. In addition, the composite slate is Class 4 impact rated and Class A fire rated. The durable roof is ready to stand up to high winds and severe weather.

Backed by a Lifetime Limited Materials Warranty, DaVinci roofing is known for its resilience and beauty. The composite roofing tiles are modeled from actual slate for a natural, non-repeating appearance. Above all, the faux slate tiles resist fading, rotting and cracking. They also resist insects, algae and moss growth.

“When the Vassallos saw the DaVinci slate and compared it to other options the decision was easy,” says Lee. “They loved the authentic, realistic appearance of the composite slate. Most importantly, they could envision how well it would complement their home’s design.”

Lasting Roof – Lasting Relationship

To create the perfect roof for the Vassallos, Lee’s team made custom fabricated copper flashing for all the dormers. The flashings ensure water is directed away from the dormers. In addition, the copper accents complement the Vineyard color blend of the DaVinci roof.

“This roof looks fantastic,” says Vassallo. “My neighbors have made very positive comments. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend both the DaVinci product and the services of AAA Roofmasters to my friends and neighbors.”

“Projects like this get us really excited,” says Lee. “We thrive on challenging jobs. Our team has the experience to handle a specialty installation like this one. Above all, we take great pride in our work. That’s because each project is a lasting part of our company’s history, and hopefully, a start to a lasting relationship with each client.”