Second Chance for a Synthetic Slate Roof

Fifteen years ago Brett made a mistake. He had high-end asphalt shingles installed on his new home. Unfortunately, he knew he’d made the mistake right away. Fortunately, 15 years later, he’s corrected his error with DaVinci Multi-Width Slate tiles.

“My house was almost finished when I first saw DaVinci synthetic slate on a roof,” says Brett, a resident of Winter Park, Florida. “It was too late to change my roof. However, throughout the years I kept looking at my roof and knowing it wasn’t the best choice for our home.”

A Second Chance

Fast forward 15 years. Brett called on Juan Jaramillo with Sky Light Roofing to inspect his asphalt shingle roof. It was leaking due to storm damage.

“The hail damage was extensive,” says Jaramillo, owner and CEO of Sky Light Roofing, Inc. out of Orlando. “The roof wasn’t worth saving. It definitely needed to be replaced.” That’s when Brett remembered DaVinci roofing.

“Actually, I never forgot about DaVinci,” says Brett. “After my original roof was installed I realized it was the wrong decision. I didn’t want to make another mistake.

“Over the past decade I looked at the DaVinci website and compared it with other composite slate companies. I didn’t have any interest in inquiring with those other companies. I knew DaVinci was the roof I wanted.”

Starting the Processsynthetic slate

Right from the beginning Brett told Jaramillo he wanted to upgrade his roof to DaVinci slate composite roofing.

“I asked Juan to connect with DaVinci on patterns, color themes and support,” says Brett. “Ashley Cisetti in customer service responded quickly. She was very professional and described the various colors and styles. Ashley made some suggestions and was very helpful overall.”

DaVinci experts also assisted Sky Light Roofing with installation support. While Jaramillo had installed DaVinci tiles previously, the products were new to his crew.

“My team had some concerns at first because the project is very complex,” says Jaramillo. “However, they were also eager to make the new roof turn out perfectly. With training and pre-construction meetings we got ourselves ready for this project.

“To make sure everything went smoothly, I assigned a supervisory team. They were in charge of maintaining quality control and ensuring safety at all times. We gave the best of ourselves to this project. We wanted to live up to — and give justice to — the high quality of the DaVinci product, and we did!”

A Class Act

The Sky Light Roofing team excelled when faced with a variety of installation challenges. The mansion-style home has a very steep roof, with many slopes. Extra care was taken both on the roof and around the property at all times.

“Sky Light Roofing is a class act,” says Brett. “The project manager was engaged throughout the entire installation. The team excelled at embracing the DaVinci product. They strove for 100% excellence and achieved their goal.”

Important Color Decision

Brett waited 15 years for his new DaVinci roof. Now, when he looks at it, he’s grateful for the dedicated support of both his roofing team and the DaVinci experts.

“Color selection was such an important decision,” says Brett. “Ashley perfectly articulated the color options. She made suggestions that made the color decision easy.

“We selected the Slate Gray color and I couldn’t be happier. The roof looks silver grey in the mornings. Then, with the full sun on it, the color changes to a silver grey blue. When it’s cloudy outside it’s a darker grey with a light sheen. Finally, when wet, it still maintains variations in color. It’s really stunning.

“There are several high points on my roof that create different shadow lines depending on the time of day. With the DaVinci Multi-Width Slate, my roof always looks different and great. My house actually needed the roof to have an authentic slate look. The old asphalt roof was not appropriate.

“The quality of the DaVinci materials, color and the workmanship from Sky Light Roofing all exceeded my expectations. Now my roof has the same quality and workmanship as other houses in my neighborhood.”

Success with Synthetic Slate

Brett isn’t the only one happy with his new composite slate roofing choice. Jaramillo is impressed with the durability, high quality and genuine look of the synthetic slate.

“DaVinci is definitely now one of my favorite products,” says Jaramillo. “It took a bit of extra labor, extra caution, and extra care, but the final result is worth it.

“Looking at Brett’s home, my entire team has a great sense of satisfaction for a job well done. Above all, we can actually see that this is the roof that should always have been on this home.”