Select Shake Clear Winner for Homeowners and Roofer

James Fry knows composite roofing materials. He’s been installing DaVinci Roofscapes products for 16 years. So, when he gets excited about DaVinci’s newest product — Select Shake — it tells us we’re on the right track.

“I really like the appearance of the Select Shake tiles,” says Fry, president of Douglas Fry Roofing. “It’s very authentic looking. Once installed, I find it’s hard to step back and look at Select Shake and not believe I’m looking at real cedar shingles.”

Attention to Product Details

Select ShakeFry and his crew have been installing DaVinci roofing products ever since the company was started. In many ways, it’s a natural fit. DaVinci is located in Lenexa, Kansas, and Fry’s operation is in Wichita, just 180 miles away.

During the past 16 years Fry has installed all the different products DaVinci offers. His company continues to install about five DaVinci composite roofs each year. So, with that level of experience, what does he believe is most important for people to understand about his company?

“We know the best way to install the DaVinci product,” says Fry. “A very specific key is that we always use other materials — such as underlayments, nails and flashing — that are designed to last as long as the DaVinci composite shingles we install.

“We also use our own employees, not subcontractors. Our people have installed hundreds of squares of DaVinci tiles. They know what they’re doing.”

Farewell to Cedar Shakes

The Douglas Fry Roofing team recently proved again they know what they’re doing. This year they installed Select Shake on two very different home styles.

At the two-story Klepacki residence, the team installed Select Shake in a Mossy Cedar color. It replaced a 28-year old cedar shake roof in poor condition.

“We’ve wanted to replace our roof for about five years,” says homeowner Joy Klepacki. “We held out because we loved the character and look of the real cedar shingles. However, the fire risk was a concern.

“Above all, a wind storm this past year forced the issue. When water spots appeared on the family room ceiling we knew we couldn’t put off the roof replacement any longer.”

DaVinci Product Makes an ImpactSelect Shake

As they started searching for a new roof, the Klepackis remembered a composite roofing sample they had seen at a local home show. Douglas Fry Roofing had been showcasing DaVinci product at that show.

“With the insurance payment for our roof, we were in a position to invest in a truly outstanding roof,” says Klepacki. “We checked out our homeowners association rules. Happily they allowed for DaVinci shake shingles.

“We decided on the Select Shake product because it checked off all our boxes. It has great street appeal. The quality is there for long-term use. It helps add to the future resale value of the home. And, we’ll be getting a savings each year on our homeowner insurance premiums.”

Giving the Douglas Fry Roofing team the green light, the Klepackis sat back and watched the magic happen. “The Select Shake tiles have restored the original character and charm on the home,” says Klepacki. “Not only does the roof look outstanding, but in addition, we don’t have any anxiety about the effects of future hail, wind or rain storms in our area!”

Long-Lasting Roofs

The second project to receive Select Shake in the Wichita area from Douglas Fry Roofing was built in 1963. It had thick, heavy shakes installed about 18 years ago. Because the homeowners are making several additions to the home this year, they want to completely redo the roof.

“The Mountain blend of Select Shake looks beautiful on this expanded ranch-style home,” says Fry. “The homeowners are originally from a country where roofs last 100 or more years. They want a roof that has an authentic shake appearance, but most importantly long-term durability.  They get both with the Select Shake product.”

For this home the Douglas Fry Roofing team used their long-term DaVinci product knowledge to push through several challenges. The home’s beautiful gable ends are angled out about two feet from the peaks. They’re swooped up as well. Precise installation achieved the ideal look on the home exterior.

Playing Favorites

Fry is so taken with the craftsmanship of the Select Shake tiles that he plans on recommending them as a “preferred product” to future clients.

“What sets this particular shake profile apart is the profile,” says Fry. “DaVinci creates its molds from authentic wood shake profiles. This makes each piece extremely realistic-looking.”

Resistant to fading, rotting, cracking and pests, Select Shake tiles are 5/8-inch thick. The pieces are available in 8- and 10-inch widths. In addition, the 10-ich pieces have a simulated keyway. This way it gives the look of a 4- and 6-inch shake to create a multi-width appearance.

“Select Shake is a true winner for any homeowner wanting the look of real cedar shake without the maintenance hassles,” says Fry. “Fortunately, the true beauty of the products is more than just its appearance. These tiles are Class 4 rated for impact and Class A rated for fire resistance.

Backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty, this makes Select Shake the ideal product for any homeowner.”