Select Shakes: Investing in the Future

If you love the look of real cedar roofing, stick with it. Just lose the ongoing maintenance hassles. That’s what Craig Dresser did when he replaced his 23-year-old wood shake roof with a fire-resistant composite shake roof.

“Aesthetically, the look of hand-split cedar roofing really works on my home,” says Dresser, a resident of Fargo, North Dakota. “Realistically though, old age and weather had taken their toll on the real cedar. It was time for a change.

“I met a roofer at a trade show. He introduced me to DaVinci Roofscapes Select Shake composite tiles. They absolutely sold me on making the switch. The appearance and durability of these composite shakes are impressive. So are the reduced insurance rates I’m now getting with this impact-, fire- and insect-resistant roofing!”

Aged Cedar Residential
Pass the Sunscreen

Roofs are 100% exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Over time these rays can cause real wood shakes to deteriorate.

DaVinci composite shakes are made from virgin resins, UV and thermal stabilizers. In addition, they’re made with a highly specified fire retardant. The result? Realistic, fire-resistant composite shakes that resist curling, cupping and splitting; they withstand impact and severe weather conditions better too.

“DaVinci products check off all the boxes for our customers,” says Matt Lehman president of Fargo Roofing & Siding. “These composite shakes keep the aesthetic appeal of wood locked in for decades. Plus, they create insurance benefits for homeowners with their Class 4 impact and Class A fire ratings.

“This composite roofing product is a technological advancement. It’s getting lots of attention in our area. When people want to hold their property value, we push them toward the DaVinci line. We’re firm believers that it’s the pinnacle product on the market. As proof, we installed it on my home a few years ago. This roof enhanced our curb appeal and long-term property value.”

Watch Out for New Growth Cedar

For the Dresser home, Lehman reports that the original real wood product was near the end of its life cycle. Shakes were cupping and cracking. If not replaced, the result would certainly be moisture issues in the near future.

“Like most 20-plus year old wood roofs we see, these shakes had deteriorated to a nearly nonfunctional point,” says Lehman. “That meant it was time for a big change.”

Lehman relates that his company’s experiences with modern real wood shake is concerning. They’re discovering that woods available in today’s markets are more susceptible to premature cupping and cracking. Why? Due to the lack of old-growth, dense cedar.

“Even when taking the necessary steps to prevent problems, we find cupping and curling can start as early as five years after installation,” says Lehman. “At the same time, it’s getting harder for homeowners to find insurance carriers that will underwrite a policy on a home with real wood shakes.

“The flip side is that Select Shake offers the most similar aesthetic appeal to real wood. They’re truly superior in technology to wood. Interestingly, the way the market is going these days, real wood shake in our area is actually more expensive than the DaVinci product.

“Here’s what homeowners really need to understand. With Select Shake you receive a Lifetime Limited Materials Warranty. With real cedar, you might have to replace your roof several times in your lifetime!”

Select Shakes: Investment for the Future

With real cedar shakes down and fire-resistant composite shake in its place, the Dresser family is back to having a home with incredible curb appeal.

“Fargo Roofing did a great job on this project,” says Dresser. “Our roof design has many facets. The Fargo Roofing team went the extra steps to protect our property during installation. The final outcome is beautiful, and I’d definitely recommend their services to others.”

As for Lehman, he and his team are on to their next roof.

“Our company completed several DaVinci projects in 2021,” says Lehman. “Interest is definitely growing in our area for composite roofing. In addition, the math continues to work in favor of the DaVinci product.”

“These days, real wood shakes are roughly equal in cost to the composite shakes. As a result, many consumers are making the smart choice to invest in a top-of-the line DaVinci composite roofing product.”