Six-Day Synthetic Shake Roof Turn-Around

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You have to see the “before” picture of Nooshin Geramifar’s house to understand how much a new DaVinci Aged Cedar Synthetic Shake roof transformed her home. Old, tired-looking shakes made the house look drab. Some real cedar shakes were curling. Others were missing. All of them were stained.

Geramifar’s cedar shake roof was almost 25 years old. They’d put off the replacement as long as possible. Once the leaks started around the skylights, it was time to call in a professional roofing team.

“A friend recommended C3 American Exteriors,” says Geramifar, a Bethesda, Maryland, resident. “I’m glad they did. That team introduced me to the DaVinci Roofscapes product line. I find it appealing that the synthetic shakes require little to no maintenance. The shakes also have the same appearance as real shakes. It’s a very attractive option to real cedar shakes.”

Perfect Synthetic Shake

When the C3 American Exteriors team came on board, they quickly determined that DaVinci would be a good match for Geramifar. “This property owner was looking for a more ‘perfect’ look,” says Carnie Fryfogle, CEO with C3 American Exteriors, out of Hanover, Pennsylvania. “The single-width synthetic shakes from DaVinci meet that criteria better than any other product.”

With the roofing selected, the next decision came down to color. Not surprisingly, Geramifar chose Aged Cedar. The color reflects a burnt reddish cedar tone. This is a color generally found when there’s a transition from a new cedar shake roof into the weathered deeper tone.

“I want a roofing system to look as close to a natural cedar shake roof as possible,” says Geramifar. “I believe the Aged Cedar helps achieve that. The Aged Cedar color enhances the exterior of the house and lends an elegant look to the overall architecture and landscape. The shade and tones in the Aged Cedar tie together all the existing elements and surroundings.”

Residential Aged CedarInstalling Low-Maintenance Products

With decisions made on product and color, the C3 American Exteriors crew got to work.

“The most challenging part of the project was the tear off of the existing cedar shakes,” says Fryfogle. “They tend to make a mess. We have to be very careful not to let the old shakes uncontrollably fall. If they do, they could rip window screens or damage personal property.”

Once the old shakes were gone, the expert team installed the DaVinci Single-Width Shake tiles. In addition they replaced eight skylights and installed new ultimate pipe flashings. Impressively, they also added copper penny painted .032 aluminum roof valleys. The painted aluminum retains the brand new copper look for the life of the roof system.

Start-to-finish, including the pool house re-roofing, the Aged Cedar synthetic shake roof project took C3 American Exteriors just six days to complete.

“C3 American Exteriors started and finished the project on schedule, and, as promised, on budget,” says Geramifar. “This team was professional, courteous and respectful. They were punctual, organized and worked together seamlessly and efficiently. I’ve already recommended them to a friend for their roofing project.”

 Transformation Complete

A week after the project began, the Geramifar family has an entirely updated home exterior.

“The new DaVinci roofing system distinguishes the house from others,” says Geramifar. “It refreshes the overall look. The color and style of the Aged Cedar complements the home’s architectural design.

“The DaVinci roof is a worthwhile and necessary investment for us. It adds value to our home as well as enhancing its curb appeal. This roof accentuates the structural integrity of our house. It really stands out and looks fresh, sharp and up-to-date!”

From a roofer’s perspective, Fryfogle believes he was able to match up the right roof with the right homeowner. “We think that DaVinci really helped us to achieve the look that the homeowner desired. Minimal maintenance and knowing that the products, even the copper valleys, will not fade, makes the overall investment well worth it!”