Six Dream Homes. Six Dream Composite Roofs.

Some very fortunate families will soon move into six waterfront custom homes in Deauville Beach Park. Sitting just feet from the Shrewsbury River in Highlands, New Jersey, the homes overlook the Atlantic Ocean. Being so close to the water, builder Charles Farkouh made a smart decision: he had DaVinci Roofscapes composite slate roofing installed on top of each home.

“We’ve successfully used DaVinci roofs on many of our custom homes during the past 10 years,” says Farkouh, president of Home & Land Development Corp., out of Rumson, New Jersey. “Homeowners love it. They never have to worry about severe weather, high winds or maintenance. These eye-catching composite roofs enhance the design of our homes.”

Durable Waterfront Roofing

The custom homes created by Farkouh’s company are made to withstand tough weather. A precast concrete wall foundation starts each house. Then special wind- and storm-resistant siding, trim and doors were added to each site.

DaVinci  Slate sits atop this New Jersey dream home
“The DaVinci Slate overhead gives each of these homes a true slate look,” says Farkouh. “Time and again we’ve discovered the quality of the DaVinci product can’t be beat.

“We selected a variety of colors for the composite roofs in Deauville Beach Park. This gives a ‘community feel’ to the homes and unites them together. These composite roofs remove maintenance worries for the homeowners. It also gives them peace-of-mind.

“We know this composite slate roofing product has achieved Class 4 impact and Class A fire ratings. It stands up to winds that reach up to 110 mph. It’s also approved for use in Miami-Dade County, Florida, which gets terrible storms. If it’s good enough to be used in that area of the country, then it’s ready to stand up to anything Mother Nature throws at it up here in New Jersey.”

Homes Built for the Views

Designed by the Grasso Design Group, the homes have price tags starting below 2 million dollars. Each of the custom homes has balconies, porches and a yard with great views. Most of the homes have at least 4,000 square feet of luxuries inside. But, it’s the outdoors that captivates home buyers.

DaVinci Slate on a selection of New Jersey dream homes.

“The views are absolutely what motivated us to build on this specific piece of land,” says Farkouh. “We’ve built in this area before. People love it. It’s so close to New York City, but it feels like a world away.”