Slate Roof Can’t Stand Up to Oklahoma Weather

It looked nice, but it didn’t last. Just seven years into its 50-year warranty period, the slate roof on the Dawson’s family home in Oklahoma was falling apart.

“We had a hail storm strong enough to break many of the slate tiles,” says Evan Dawson. “Once they were cracked, the wind would cause the slate shingles to cascade down the roof and shatter on the driveway. Replacing the slate tiles individually was an expensive task. Finding vehicles with dents and scratches because a slate tile came unhooked by the winds and slid right off the roof into the car is a horrible experience.”

Enough is Enough

statewide roofing slate roof slate tiles slate roofing systemWhen the Dawson family decided enough was enough, they contacted Statewide Roofing for recommendations on a new roof.

“We’re repeat customers for Statewide Roofing,” says Dawson. “This team goes to great lengths to protect our gardens and pool from debris. They always kept us updated on the status of the roofing project and they cleaned the yard daily.

“Tony Gray, the owner of Statewide convinced us to try DaVinci Roofscapes composite slate tiles.

He put them on his sister-in-law’s house as well as his personal home. We figured that the good things we were hearing about DaVinci must be true if he put them on his own home.”

Within weeks of their decision, the Dawsons saw a new DaVinci Single-Width Slate roofing system being installed.


The Neighbors are Watching

The DaVinci polymer slate roof made instant celebrities of the Dawsons in their community. Neighbors approached family members asking what product was being installed. They eagerly requested information on what materials DaVinci products are made of, and what color options are available.

statewide roofing slate roof slate tiles slate roofing system

“When the next hail storm hits our neighborhood we expect several of our neighbors to switch to DaVinci composite roofs,” says Dawson. “The peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your roof overhead won’t get damaged by hail or blown away by strong winds is simply amazing.


“I’m already steering people to Statewide Roofing. They helped with the original claims process on our old roof and did a great job installing the new composite slate roofing system. One of the best things about working with them is their exceptional communications skills. The crew foreman kept us informed on the progress, issues, options and upcoming sequence of events on a continual basis.”

Made to Last

The Dawsons have come to recognize what other homeowners across the country have known for years — DaVinci’s commitment to creating durable, beautiful roofing tiles is unparalleled. Realistic and authentic-looks, the composite slate and shake products live up to the look of nature, but without the ongoing hassles of maintenance, repairs and replacements.

statewide roofing slate roof slate tiles slate roofing system

Constructed of a composite material made of pure virgin resins, UV and thermal stabilizers, plus a highly-specialized fire retardant, composite roofing tiles from DaVinci outperform other roofing tiles. Precisely engineered to specific tolerances that meet a perfect composite formula for long-lasting beauty and performance, DaVinci products are ideal for standing up to Mother Nature — and Oklahoma’s extreme weather.