Soaring High With Authentic Synthetic Slate Roofing

For residents of Heaven’s Landing subdivision, a traffic jam has different meaning than for most homeowners. Instead of occurring on the ground, it can happen in the air. A beautiful 639-acre “fly-in” community set in the north Georgia mountains, homeowners here rely mostly on general aviation travel in their privately owned aircraft.

“We have 27 homes to date, with 188 lots platted right now,” says Mike Ciochetti, developer of Heaven’s Landing in Clayton, Georgia. “Some of these homes have taxiway access, which means they have direct taxiway access to a 5,200-foot runway. Other mountainside homes have fly-in access via ownership of their nearby private hangers on the field.”

With plans to build again in the same community, these homeowners believe their authentic synthetic slate roof will be a huge selling feature for this home.
Mountaintop Retreat

Ciochetti is one of the homeowners at the mountain estate airport with a recently completed home. His Cessna 210 is housed in a hanger adjacent to the airfield, along with his office.

“This is the best of living for a pilot and his or her family,” says Ciochetti. “The views here are amazing! It’s magnificent flying around these mountains. In addition, it’s a great way to travel.”

To top his high-flying retreat, Ciochetti selected composite slate tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes.

“We are the first home in Heaven’s Landing with a DaVinci composite roof, but I’m confident that others will follow our lead,” says Ciochetti. “I’ve seen the synthetic roofing from DaVinci displayed at our local Reeves Ace Hardware over the years. It made a positive impression on me. The curb appeal that this roof has added to our home is amazing! It looks like an actual slate roof.”

The authentic synthetic slate roofing Ciochetti selected is in DaVinci’s Smokey Gray color. It’s made of pure virgin resins, UV and thermal stabilizers, as well as a highly specialized fire retardant. The resulting composite slate tiles are beautiful and durable. Each tile resists rotting, curling and splitting. In addition, the synthetic slate products are Class A rated for fire resistance and Class 4 rated for impact.

Investing in the Future

For Ciochetti, there are several factors that influenced his purchase of the composite DaVinci roof.

“I love the authentic look of the slate, along with its functionality,” says Ciochetti. “The longevity and warranty of the roof are an added bonus. With the development of our community underway I have lots of work to do. I don’t want to worry about my roof at the same time!”

For Mike and his wife Holly, the decision to invest in DaVinci authentic synthetic slate roofing involved much more than just easy-care and aesthetics.

“This home is going to be put back on the market and sold by us in a few years,” says Ciochetti. “We know that having the DaVinci composite roof overhead will be a positive selling point for this house.

“Then, once it’s sold, we’re building our true dream home. It will be on the highest peak at Heaven’s Landing. We’re planning on having a DaVinci roof on that home as well. I want to be able to fly overhead, spot that beautiful roof and know it’s mine!”