Standout Substitute Slate

This copper accented composite roof, combined with the tiles' staggered installation and the home's architectural features make this a uniquely beautiful.

It took just 13 years for the natural slate roof on Tom Mahaffey’s roof to fall apart. Florida storms, extensive sun exposure and foot traffic turned the slate brittle.

Dissatisfied and discouraged, the Mahaffeys turned to FL Specialty Roofing for assistance. Since its inception, the central Florida-based roofing company has focused on premium composite roofs.

“DaVinci Slate was our instant recommendation for this home,” says Ryan Kruse, co-owner/sales of FL Specialty Roofing, a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor. “The homeowners wanted the beauty of slate. However, they desired an alternative that would perform better than the traditional material that continued to break. We knew DaVinci was the answer.”

Preserving key aspects of this copper accented composite roof enhanced this home's curb appeal. Copper Accented Composite Roof

As it turns out, this was more than just a typical project for the team at FL Specialty Roofing. The uniqueness of the work done by the crew qualifies it as a winner of a 2023 DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor Project of the Year Award.

What makes the work on this St. Petersburg home so special? Start with the installation of the DaVinci Multi-Width Slate tiles in a staggered application across the multi-level rooftop. Add in the preservation of copper dormers and other copper roof components, for reuse on the roof. Then top off with the installation of the cone turret roof.

“DaVinci’s customized turret package was integral in putting this section of the roof together,” says Kruse. “The entire project came together with great care and consideration. The right equipment and team safety plan helped accomplish the access and property protection. And our leadership team ensured every expectation was met from end-to-end of the project.

“We feel this job encompasses almost every aspect of a true premium roof project. From the use of the most designer DaVinci product to a staggered installation technique to a custom turret package. We leveraged every design element DaVinci has to offer. All that coupled with custom copper work and cupolas, and we’re proud to have delivered a true artisan roof.”

Synthetic Slate Success

Day by day, as the multi-hued European blend of colors was added to their roof, the Mahaffey’s enthusiasm for the project grew. “The DaVinci roof has added significant value to our home,” says Tom Mahaffey. “The color blend brightens up the roof. You notice it right away as you drive up to the house.

“The synthetic slate looks similar to our original slate. However, we have so much more peace of mind knowing that this roof can withstand huge storms.

“We really appreciate how professional the FL Specialty Roofing team and their workers were with our project. The communications were always good. They were respectful of our property. There’s no doubt we’d 100% recommend their services to anyone after the superior job they did on our home.”