Stop Throwing Money Away on Real Cedar Shake Maintenance

Bob and Sally Roach love their 28-year-old home. However, they didn’t like the ongoing costs involved in keeping up their real cedar shake roof. After extensive research, they decided instead to invest their money in a DaVinci Shake composite roof.

“Our former cedar roof showed signs of aging even though we maintained it every 3 to 5 years,” says homeowner Sally Roach. “We continually paid to have bundles of new shakes and oil treatments done. Finally, the roof deteriorated so much we had to make a choice.”

That’s when they chose composite shakes from DaVinci Roofscapes.


Find the Right Roofer

The Oregon homeowners enlisted the help of Premier Pacific Roofing to find their ideal composite shake roof.

“We provided Bob and Sally with sample boards that immediately impressed them,” says Jorge Parra with Premier Pacific Roofing out of Milwaukie, Oregon. “They appreciated the thickness and authenticity of the composite shakes. After that, the long-term, low-maintenance aspect of the synthetic shakes really appealed to them.”

Next, Parra sent the couple on a drive. His company installs up to 8 DaVinci projects each year. As a result, he was able to identify locations of different DaVinci roof applications. This way the homeowners could see a selection of colors on a larger scale on the roofs.

“They came back and chose the Tahoe blend,” says Parra. “This is a great combination of four different shades, so it looks very realistic. We could immediately see that it was a great choice to complement their home’s light brick exterior.”

“My husband did a great deal of research on composite roofing material,” says Roach. “He disliked asphalt shingle roofs. After discovering the benefits of DaVinci composite roofing products, he was convinced this was the roof for us.”

Changing the HOA’s Mind

With the decision made, the next step was to gain approval from the local homeowner’s association.

“Our HOA rules allow for wood shake, tile, slate and 50-year presidential architectural shingle roofs,” says Roach. “We knew the DaVinci roof was the best choice for our home. Therefore, we started an application with the property management company.”

After submitting paperwork and pictures, there was a new request. “The people reviewing our paperwork wanted algae resistance information,” says Roach. “Our team from Premier Pacific Roofing easily obtained the algae testing results from DaVinci. After that we received the green light to use the DaVinci Shake composite products!”

Adding Low-Maintenance Curb Appeal


The roofing team immediately started the process of removing the old, deteriorating wood shakes from the Roach home.

“As we were installing the DaVinci roof, we drew attention from neighbors,” says Parra. “Numerous people stopped to talk with Bob and Sally about the product. Now that they’ve ‘broken the ice’ in their community, we believe there’s a great chance for others to invest in DaVinci products.”

With the project now complete, the home looks spectacular.

“The Premier Pacific Roofing team provided excellent service during all stages of the process,” says Roach. “They were professional, reliable and maintained good communication. As a realtor, I had worked with this roofing company in the past. I’ll continue to recommend them to friends, neighbors and clients. In addition, I can now also happily recommend composite roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes!”