Straight or Staggered? Two Homes. Two Unique Looks.

Staggered or straight line. How do you like your roofing tiles? The team at Style Exteriors recently installed two stunning roofs with DaVinci Multi-Width Slate. The first in a stunning staggered application, and the second in an eye-popping straight line style.

Farewell Frail Shingles

The two homes have many things in common. Both houses previously had real cedar shake roofs. In addition, hail damage was the same reason for replacing the roof on both homes.

“These homeowners were tired of storm damage and maintenance problems with cedar,” says Jeremey Bates, senior project manager with Style Exteriors. “At the same time, they were ready to change up the look of their home exteriors by switching to synthetic slate.”

The impact-resistancy, durability and solid warranty of DaVinci products drove both homeowners to choose multi-width polymer slate. In addition, they both decided to invest in the European color blend — a combination of different shades of grays and purples.

Straight or Staggered?

Staggering Slate Shingles

The home in Wisconsin that had the staggered installation is a 16-year-old French style house.

“It was disappointing for the homeowners to lose their roof from hail damage,” says Bates. “We worked with the insurance company on the claim and also with the public adjuster. When it came time to select a new roofing material, these people chose DaVinci for the aesthetics and the longevity of the synthetic tiles.

“The slopes of this roof, accented with so much copper, look truly stunning. The DaVinci slate perfectly complements the stone and brick exterior of this home.”

Stunning Straight LinesStraight or Staggered?

A year after completing the multi-width staggered application on the Wisconsin home, Bates got another hail damage call. This time from homeowner Jimmy Samartzis in Kenilworth, Illinois. He too was interested with the DaVinci products.

“We explored all the roofing options, including competitive products to DaVinci,” says Samartzis. “We wanted a roofing product that would blend well with the style of our home and last for a long time. We liked the quality of the DaVinci product. The color options, color variability throughout the pieces, ratings and other details were very impressive.”

Once the decision was made to switch to a synthetic slate roof, the next decision was on the application.

“The formality of our house’s design seems to align best with the straight line roofing application,” says Samartzis. “Our brick home, with its stunning turret, looks like it should have always had a slate roof. The DaVinci product makes our house look grander. The color and tone of the roof also make the house stand out more.”

Stand-Out Synthetic Slate

As the crew from Style Exteriors tackled the installation, they knew they were involved with a very special transformation. “We’ve installed DaVinci products for about seven years,” says Bates. “Every year the number of projects goes up, so I’ve seen more than 75 DaVinci roof installations. This particular home though was just a perfect job. The finished look gives the home an entirely different stature in the neighborhood.”

For their part, the Samartzis family credits the roofing installers with creating the one-of-a-kind roofing project.

“I’m quite particular when it comes to construction,” says Samartzis. “The Style Exteriors team was fantastic. They paid great attention to every detail of the roof and copper work. Day in and day out they accommodated changes and suggestions, plus dedicated themselves totally to the success of our roof.

“Both the quality of work from Style Exteriors and the DaVinci Roofscapes product exceeded our expectations. I’d recommend both of them in a heartbeat!”