Stylish Snow Guards

Function and style combine on the new roof at the U.S. Post Office in Tahoe Vista, California.

When it came time for the owner of the building to replace deteriorating cedar shake roofing, he turned to DaVinci Roofscapes for a long-lasting solution. Class A Fire Rated composite shake shingles in the Tahoe Blend (what else for this Lake Tahoe area?) were installed on the roof along with a variety of snow guards.

Fake ShakeSince the Tahoe area routinely receives 170+ inches of snowfall each year, making sure snow didn’t avalanche off the roof of post office and fall on customers was a top priority. Durable snow guards from Rocky Mountain Snow Guards were installed around the entire perimeter of the structure. However, at key entryways, golden eagle snow guards from Sieger Snow Guards were added to give a distinct patriotic style to the structure.

The sturdy snow guards on the post office help evenly distribute melting snow and reduce the chance of snow accumulations sliding off the roof as a “sheet of snow.” (Need to know more? Check out  On Guard for Winter Weather … with Snow Retention System)

While the eagle snow guards are the perfect touch for this government building, there are also a variety of other designs that can be purchased from snow guard manufacturers across the nation. Old World styles and fleur de lis designs, the maple leaf and sunbursts are also popular decorative options used in conjunction with synthetic roofing material.

No matter what style you select, the important thing to remember is that if you have composite roofing and live in an area prone to snowfall, make sure to order snow guards. They can help break up melting snow and protect your landscaping, walkways and foot traffic.