Switching to Synthetic Shake a “No Brainer”

After listening to his roofer describe the features and benefits of DaVinci roofing, homeowner David Frees called the decision to invest in and switch to synthetic shake a “no brainer.”

Switching to synthetic shake made sense to this homeowner who's seen the damage Midwest storms can do to roofs.
Tired of picking up real shake shingles that would blow off his roof after a storm, Frees really liked what Blaze Gray with Statewide Roofing had to say. “The impact- and fire-resistant aspects were impressive,” says Frees, who lives in Ponca City, Oklahoma. “But when he showed me the DaVinci samples, they blew me away. The tiles look similar to real wood shake — except 10 times better!”

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A Passion for DaVinci

When Gray spent three hours with Frees, he took time to explain all the damage to his existing roof. Then Gray detailed the replacement process and timeframe for switching to synthetic shake. He introduced Frees to DaVinci products and spoke passionately about them.

“We’ve installed DaVinci products in our area for many years,” says Gray. “Their resistance to our Midwest weather is amazing. They hold up to Mother Nature’s storms while retaining their great look year after year. It’s easy to get passionate about this product. Every time we install DaVinci roofing, we walk away with another success story.”

Night and Day Difference

For the Frees home, which had deteriorating jumbo wood shakes, Gray recommended DaVinci Multi-Width Shake in a Tahoe color. To give more personality to the roof, he suggested installing them in a staggered style with one-inch difference.

“The results are amazing,” says Frees. “It’s made a night and day difference in the curb appeal of our home. Multiple neighbors have already offered positive comments. We smile every time we turn the corner toward our house and see that great roof. We’re incredibly thankful that the roof is impact and fire resistant. It’s a huge relief to have the new DaVinci roof.

“Just as importantly, the Statewide team was great. They were on time, worked long and hard days. They were respectful of our property and courteous. Blaze added a number of little touches that makes our roof look even better. He went above and beyond. I’d highly recommend this company to anyone in our area.”

If it’s time for you to replace the old shake shingles on your roof, let us help. Start first by learning basic roofing terminology. Then, find a roofer. After that, learn about the many products offered by DaVinci Roofscapes that can help add long-lasting beauty and enduring performance to your home.