Synthetic Roofing Selected for Assisted Living Facilities

Jack Lucks has an “architectural eye.” His dedication to creating attention-grabbing projects has served him well during the past 43 years as he makes design and product decisions related to a variety of projects with different architectural styles.

In recent years Lucks and his group, Continental Real Estate Companies, have focused on the creation of senior/assisted living facilities. Projects are underway in Pittsburgh, Pa., Columbus, Ohio and Lexington, Ky. A recently-opened Middleton facility in Granville, Ohio has been well received.

Bellaforte Slate

“When I find a building product that looks good with a project I try to stick with it,” says Lucks, founding partner at Continental Real Estate Companies. “That’s been the case with the synthetic slate roofing we selected for the Granville project. The black DaVinci Slate roof has the aesthetic look we wanted without the weight of real slate.

“Granville is an older town, founded in the early 1800s. There are lots of slate roofs in town that complement the Greek Revival style of this area. Having a composite slate roof on our facility that so perfectly replicates real slate was a smart decision.”

Lucks points out that the Middleton project is a single-story building with a roof that’s highly visible from the street. “When you look at this building, half of what you see is the roof,” says Lucks. “That made the roofing decision especially important for us. We used about 1,000 squares of the DaVinci Roofscapes product, so the roof is a showpiece of this structure.”

According to Lucks he has been “enormously pleased” with the authentic look of the composite slate roof. “It’s not an exaggeration to say that the DaVinci roof has helped us gain tenants,” says Lucks. “People look at the structure, see the brick and ‘slate’ exterior. It makes them take that crucial step to walk in our door. Right now we’ve been so pleased with DaVinci that we consider the company our single source for roofing.”

Bellaforte SlateMiddleton is situated near the quaint village of Granville that is home to Denison University.  Closely located to historic shops and restaurants, Middleton provides residents with options for enjoying a relaxed lifestyle.

With 94 rooms, Middleton offers a caring environment for retirees. Six levels of support are available at the 92,000 square foot structure, allowing residents to remain in the facility long-term. Restaurant-style dining, daily activities, an on-site theatre and walking nature paths make life enjoyable for residents of the community. For their personal needs, laundry and housekeeping services, 24-hour licensed nurses and a beauty salon are available.

“America’s population is aging,” says Lucks. “Our facilities help Americans age gracefully in beautiful settings that cater to their changing needs.”

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