Synthetic Roofing + Snow Guards = Smart Roofing Investment

When Paul Vogstrom builds a home from the ground up, he’s often thinking about the “up” portion before other elements. He knows that quality synthetic roofing overhead can help protect everything below.

“A roof adds so much value to a home,” says Vogstrom, owner of Paul Thomas Design in Minneapolis, Minn. “That’s why it’s important to match up the right roof with the right home style.”

Relying on Synthetic Roofing

For Vogstrom, many of his homes rely on synthetic roofing materials from DaVinci Roofscapes.

“Synthetic roofing won’t look old and worn out in a decade … or even in four decades,” says Vogstrom. “I’ve used the DaVinci synthetic slate product on a half dozen homes previously and it adds so much value.

“In 2018 I’m even creating a Parade of Homes project house for my brother with the DaVinci synthetic roofing.”

davinci synthetic roofing

Vogstrom’s most recent building achievement involves an expansive lakefront home in Lakeville, Minn. The house has a cottage style and features almost 5,000-square-feet.

“This was the first time I had specified DaVinci’s synthetic shake roofing tiles instead of cedar shake,” says Vogstrom. “It fit this location perfectly.”

Installing Synthetic Roofing

When it came time to install the roof, Vogstrom relied on the team at Guardian Construction, LLC.

“The DaVinci synthetic roofing looks amazing on this residence,” says Jeff Steiner, owner of  Guardian Construction, LLC out of Maple Grove, Minnesota. “The areas of steep roof sections where the shake tiles shine out really increase the home’s curb appeal. The unique look of the composite shakes set the home apart from any other house in the neighborhood.”

As part of the roof installation, Steiner and his crew installed steel, powder-coated snow guards. The snow guards were ordered from Rocky Mountain Snow Guards in Colorado to match the Tahoe color of the DaVinci Shake tiles installed.

davinci synthetic roofing

“Our team uses snow guards on every project involving synthetic roofing due to the tremendous snowfall potential we have in this area,” says Steiner. “Snow guards are a smart investment for any residential or commercial project this far north in the country.

“We definitely recommend homeowners consider installing snow guards in all geographic areas where accumulating snow fall is possible. They help prevent built-up snow from avalanching down onto sidewalks, decks and landscaping.”

Job Well Done

Now complete, the roof on the show-stopping Minnesota home made quite an impression on both the builder and roofing installer.

“When customers want a unique look to their roof, accompanied with extreme durability, DaVinci is always my first recommendation,” states Steiner.

“The long warranty, appearance and durability of the DaVinci synthetic roofing product actually saves people lots of money over the years,” says Vogstrom. “This is an amazing, maintenance-free product.  I can’t wait to get started on my next DaVinci project!”