Synthetic Shake Roof Chosen to Replace Real Wood Shakes

After living in their home for more than two decades with deteriorating wood shake shingles, homeowners in Illinois decided to make a change. They investigated several roofing options, but ultimately listened to their roofer and selected a synthetic shake roof from DaVinci Roofscapes.

cedar roofing synthetic shake

“Wear and tear on the existing roof reduced the look of our entire home exterior,” says homeowner Lana K. “The sales person at Cedar Roofing offered us different options, but we picked this one due to the quality and durability we could see in the DaVinci product.”

New Roof, New Look

The new roof — a Multi-Width Shake in a Chesapeake blend — looks stunning on the expansive lakeside home. Along with turrets, solar panels and steep slopes to the roof, the Cedar Roofing team also had to be cautious during installation of the synthetic shake tiles due to glass-topped areas of the home.

cedar roofing synthetic shake

“The people at Cedar Roofing provided excellent services. We would highly recommend them to any of our friends,” says Lana. “The Cedar Roofing team was very careful with our property and driveway. They respected our property to the point where they covered up our driveway with plywood so that the roofing installation process would not mess up our paving. That’s attention to detail!”

Quality You Can Rely On

The synthetic shake Multi-Width roofing tiles selected by the homeowners recall the craftsmanship and authenticity of natural, hand-split cedar shakes. But, with DaVinci composite shakes they gained the advantages of color stability and a lifetime limited warranty.

Reminiscent of natural cedar shake roofing with a deep-grained surface reflecting natural cedar roofing, the DaVinci tiles are ideal for this home. The tiles are available in 9″, 8″, 7″, 6″ and 4″ widths that can be installed in a non-repeating fashion in either a staggered pattern or straight pattern, as these homeowners chose. And, a deep 5/8″ profile has both wavy and straight grains throughout the blend to create enviable shadow lines on this custom home.

cedar roofing synthetic shake

“We think the new roof looks great,” says Lana K. “Our friends and neighbors agree. We’d definitely recommend this roof — and Cedar Roofing — to anyone who asked!”