Synthetic Shake Siding and Roofing Highlight Colorado Home

Stone. Brick. Ivy. And now, synthetic shake roofing and siding. These are the beautiful components that comprise the stand-out home exterior of Gary Milligan.

Built in 1992, the expansive home is located in Grand Junction, CO, where Gary and his wife Lynette have lived for 15 years. Just this past year they knew it was time to replace their aging cedar shake roof.

“The existing real cedar shake roof was weathering,” says Milligan. “It no longer looked good or performed well. We were ready for some alternatives that would be long-lasting.”

The key element the Milligans wanted to add to their home was curb appeal.

“We wanted a roof that would help showcase our home exterior,” says Milligan.

Composite Roofing + Siding Accents

A closer look at what DaVinci tiles can do for a gorgeous house.To take charge of the large re-roofing project, Milligan chose Saenz Roofing.

“The unique style of this home really stands out,” says Julio Saenz, a sales executive with Saenz Roofing out of Grand Junction, Colorado. “This house needed a DaVinci Roofscapes composite shake roof to do it justice.”

Next the Saenz Roofing team began installing the DaVinci Multi-Width Shake in a Mountain color blend in early 2019. Along the way, they discovered the cedar shakes accents on the sides of the home were also deteriorating.

“To keep with the low-maintenance theme and eye-catching appeal of the exterior, we recommended DaVinci Hand-Split Shake Siding,” says Saenz. “The Granite color perfectly complements the stonework on the house.”

Top Quality and Appearance

With the synthetic shake roofing and siding update now complete, the Milligans have the enhanced curb appeal they wanted. “The roofers were very professional and gave us the look we wanted on our home,” says Milligan.

From the perspective of Saenz Roofing, the composite shake roof was the ideal choice for this home.

“DaVinci is a product we always recommend to our customers,” according to Saenz. “We’ve done a wide variety of reroofing projects recently with the DaVinci products. All our customers really appreciate the quality of the product and the outstanding appearance.

“The composite shake product has gained wide acceptance in our area. With features like impact- and fire-resistance, I predict this manufactured shake roofing will keep growing in popularity throughout Colorado.”

A zoom-out of this amazing Colorado home, topped and sided with DaVinci products