Synthetic Shake Tiles Offer Class A Fire Rating

Multi-Width MountainFor the team at Master Sealers, Inc., every re-roofing project is special. And custom. And, when in an area that calls for synthetic shake tiles, every project uses DaVinci Roofscapes.

“I only install DaVinci products when the category of composite roofing is needed,” says Michael Boyd, owner of Master Sealers, Inc. out of Vail, Colorado “Every roofing project we do is custom. That means we create our own roofing masterpiece with every home we touch.”

Class A Fire Rated

For a recent project in Edwards, Colorado the Master Sealers crew installed DaVinci Multi-Width Shake tiles in a Mountain blend on a home located adjacent to a golf course.

“This homeowner had 15-year old real cedar shake shingles that were failing,” says Boyd. “She was concerned with the growing threat of wildfires in our state and wanted to upgrade to a product with a Class A fire rating. I immediately thought of DaVinci.”

Multi-Width Mountain

So did the homeowner. She had seen DaVinci products throughout her community, since they are well known in the area and approved for use by her homeowner’s association.

“Once I showed her sample boards of the DaVinci product and explained it’s the only synthetic shake I install because of the features of the tiles, she was hooked,” says Boyd. “For the installation we created custom copper barrels on the roof, placed in more than 1,000 snow guards and created the perfect roof accent for her home.”

Protecting Your Home

Homeowners throughout Colorado have reason to be nervous about wildfire spread. In 2017 there were 967 wildfires in the state burning 111,667 acres of land. A year later, in 2018, more than 430,000 acres of land have burned due to wildfires.

As residents in the state — and throughout the country — face growing concerns of wildfire spread, many are reevaluating the roof over their homes and businesses.

It’s important to note that property owners do not have to give up the look of real cedar shake tiles that they love on their homes when selecting synthetic shake roofing products.

Multi-Width Mountain

Made to resemble cedar roof shingles, fire-resistant Multi-Width Shake, Single-Width Shake and Select Shake products from DaVinci are rated Class A for fire retardance and come with a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty. In addition to resisting the spread of flames, the synthetic shake roofs are also impact and high wind resistant.

“While certainly any structure — including its roof — will burn when fully engulfed in a fire, it’s comforting to know that wind-carried sparks and flames from a wildfire simply won’t ‘catch hold’ and cause a building with a DaVinci synthetic shake roof to ignite,” says Boyd. “I’ve recommended DaVinci roofs for many years in this area. They give both beauty to a home and peace-of-mind to the homeowner.”