Synthetic Shakes Bring Peace-of-Mind During the Storm

DaVinci ShakeThere’s a reason why Floridians shudder when they hear the name “Irma.” Making landfall in southern Florida as a powerful Category 4 hurricane in 2017, the massive storm left debris and power outages in its wake.

As in other parts of the state, people in the coastal town of Palm Springs were concerned about the high winds and torrential rain. However, in the Springdale community of more than 400 townhomes, some residents were a bit less concerned than others — thanks to their DaVinci Shake roofs overhead.

Boasting a Class 4 impact resistance rating and able to withstand winds up to 110mph, the DaVinci roofs helped protect townhomes in the Florida community. Manufactured to achieve Miami Dade Code Approvals, our durable composite shake roofs stood up to Mother Nature.

Going Back to Springdale

Bellaforte ShakeThis isn’t the first time we’ve shared news of the Springdale community. In a 2016 blog, we reported that the first homeowner in the community had received her new DaVinci Shake roof and was proudly showing it off to her neighbors. Since that time, installers from Trusted Construction have been working to replace many older cedar shake roofs.

“We’re installing new mansard roofing at Springdale on a regular basis,” says Piotre Zawadzki with Trusted Construction. “People like the design of the DaVinci Shake roofing tiles along with their durability. They think it’s sleek and modern shake design. It doesn’t look like the average roof and offers so more protection from the elements.”

DaVinci composite roofing, when applied in a mansard-style, can actually help protect a structure. Mansard-style roofing, which goes vertically down the side of a building, serves as a “long roof extension” or the siding of a structure. With durable DaVinci roofing used in mansard applications, a structure has more protection from Mother Nature.

Re-Roofing Progress

DaVinci ShakeAlthough the replacement of the real cedar roofs in the community is a staggered process, the project continues at a fast rate.

“We’re focused on accurate installation of the composite shake tiles to provide homeowners with the knowledge that their roof has been security installed,” says Zawadzki. “We know that the Limited Lifetime Material Warranty from DaVinci brings peace-of-mind to residents. However, we also want them to feel confident that the roofing materials have been perfectly installed.”

Thanks to the efforts of the team at Trusted Construction and other roofers in the area, many more townhomes at Springdale will soon have composite shake roofs — hopefully before Mother Nature decides to come for another visit.