Synthetic Slate Roof Transforms Lakefront Home

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How do you make a lakeside home go from “nice” to “eye-popping gorgeous?” For these homeowners, professional synthetic slate roof color advice helped them choose a new DaVinci roof.

Built in 2009, this stone-and-stucco home looked fine with its brownish asphalt shingle roof. However, as the roof started to show wear, the homeowners took the opportunity to upgrade. Not just the product, but the color, too.

They came to DaVinci Roofscapes seeking advice. After deciding that a DaVinci Multi-Width Slate roof perfectly suited the lakeside home, the owners next started considering color options. That’s when our color consultant, Kate Smith, got involved.

“The DaVinci synthetic slate is a great choice for this home,” says Smith, chief color maven with Sensational Color. “The architectural style and mix of materials give the home exterior a stately appearance. Traditionally, builders would use gray or black roofing on such a grand home. So, that leads us toward some natural color options.”

DaVinci's free synthetic slate roof color advice helped these homeowners dramatically update their home's exterior.

Choices, Choices

When people come to DaVinci needing color advice, Smith is there to help. She reviews current home exteriors and offers free expert color advice. Gain a feeling for her insights as you review her recommended options for this homeowner:

Option #1 – Slate Black – “This dark color will give the roof the visual weight needed to create balance.

Option #2 – Smokey Gray – “For this home, the waterfront location harmonizes with the navy blue undertones. It generally appears deep gray, but you may see a flash of blue during some lighting conditions.”

Option #3 – Slate Gray – “The warmest of DaVinci’s gray slates. This warmth works well with the stone color. This medium value is the lightest blend I recommend for this home.”

Option #4 – Castle Gray – “It may be tempting to consider this beautiful gray. However, it’s too light and cool-toned for this home.”

Option #5 – European – “This mix of grays with accent color adds interest to the expansive roof surface. It may seem a little more special than one of the blends with subtler color shifts.

Option #6 – Aberdeen – “This blend is a mix of colors, including gray. You might shy away from it thinking it is too colorful. However, the beauty of the blend is that the colors are close in value (lightness/darkness), so it looks like a uniform color from a distance. You only see the color variation as you get closer.”

If you have trouble deciding, DaVinci offers free synthetic slate roof color advice.

Drum Roll, Please …

So, which color did the homeowner select? Slate Gray.

According to the homeowner, the darkness of the Slate Gray color contrasts nicely with their light-colored stone and stucco exterior. At the same time it complements the black trim on their windows. On the front of their home it matches the garage doors. In addition, it also makes the black railings on the rear of the home really “pop.”

Now that the roof is finished, the homeowners feel very good about their decision on both DaVinci Slate and the Slate Gray color. Installed by The Shake Guys in Illinois, the roof looks stunning. The team applied the synthetic slate in a staggered manner, so the tiles provide the natural look of real slate, adding dimension to the rooftop.

According to the homeowners, “The Shake Guys have been absolutely wonderful to work with on this project. They paid attention to every minor detail.

“The crew showed up when they said they were going to. In addition, they were flexible when we had to revise the work schedule. The supervisors were excellent at making sure the job was done right.”

Very Satisfying Results

With the new roof overhead, the homeowners are more than happy. The roof combined with the synthetic slate roof color advice dramatically changed the home exterior, giving it a more luxurious appearance.

Along with enhancing the look, the DaVinci roof has also added value to the home. And, best of all, the Class A fire and Class 4 impact resistant roof is low maintenance, making life easier for the homeowners. With a lifetime of beauty and easy care, married with the stunning appearance and color, this home is now the “talk of the lake.”