Synthetic Slate Roof Replaces Asphalt Shingles on 17-Year Old Home

Before moving into their recently-purchased home in Wisconsin, homeowners Joe and Sara H. decided to do some renovations. Tops on the list? Replacing an older asphalt shingle roof with a synthetic slate roof from DaVinci Roofscapes.

“The existing asphalt shingle roof was functional, but unattractive,” says Joe. “After working with the color visualizer offered by DaVinci to find the color that worked best for us, we proceeded to select the Brownstone color blend for our new composite slate roof.”

synthetic slate roof

The Brownstone blend includes four different colors: Light and Medium Brown, Dark Stone and Dark Tan. “We feel these colors provide a spectacular accent to the style of our home,” says

Joe. “We wanted the roof to look ‘connected’ to the rest of the house. The Multi-Width Slate we chose from DaVinci accomplishes this goal. The product helped make all the exterior aspects of our home come together.”

Color Visualizer

The home remodel project is being undertaken by Lowell Custom Homes in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. For the team there, this was the first time they had worked with DaVinci products.

“We provided the homeowner with several roofing options,” says Rich Kinter, general manager of Lowell Custom Homes. “They felt the DaVinci synthetic slate tiles were the most realistic for their home and detached garage.

synthetic slate roof

“The online visualizer from DaVinci was very user-friendly. It gives a very realistic rendering of what the roof will look like on the home. I’d recommend other builders and remodelers use this tool to help their customers gain a feeling for what a DaVinci roof would look like on their home.”

Now complete, the installed synthetic slate roof has been a big hit for the homeowners. “Everyone who sees this DaVinci roof says it’s a game changer for the overall look of the home exterior,” says Joe. “It simply looks spectacular and we’re pleased to have made the investment in this top-quality synthetic slate roof.”