Province™ Slate Transforms Neighborhood Eyesore

Replacing their old roof with Province Slate enabled these homeowners to enjoy their home all over again thanks to its synthetic slate roofing transformation.
When your roof looks bad, the appearance of your entire home suffers.

Sitting on the waterfront in a very upscale gated community, the Wetta home in Gonzales, Louisiana, had turned into an eyesore. Its asphalt roof was in poor condition. Hail damage and old age brought down the look of the entire home.

While the homeowner had put in an insurance claim for roof damage, he had been denied. Then he met contractor Matt Greenwich and the situation turned around.

Synthetic Slate with Style

With his knowledge of the insurance industry, Greenwich was able to get the insurance judgment reversed. That opened the door for the homeowner to start a synthetic slate roofing transformation.

“Instinctively I knew the Wetta family needed a durable, beautiful roof to accent their stunning home,” says Greenwich. “That immediately led me to think about Province Slate from DaVinci Roofscapes.”

Province Slate is a single-width composite roofing product. The 12-inch wide slate tile has a fixed 8-inch exposure. These tiles evoke a historical nature with authentic natural slate appeal and non-repeating beauty. Each tile has an enhanced backside rib structure and self-aligning ledge for ease and speed of installation. Like all DaVinci products, Province Slate tiles resist impact, fire and severe weather. They also resist insects, algae growth and mold.

Modeled after traditional materials, Province Slate enabled a synthetic slate roofing transformation that complements this home's New Orleans' aesthetic. “Being from this area, I knew the Province Slate would give the vintage slate look to this renovated home project,” says Greenwich. “Our area has a great deal of French Colonial and Creole style. This type of slate roofing complements this old architectural style, even in modernly developed homes.

“What’s important about the DaVinci product is that it’s very durable while being lightweight. The homeowners can have the slate look they dream of without having to restructure their home to handle the weight of real slate. And, of course, the DaVinci roof has a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty. This means the Wetta family will not have to worry about hail impact or severe weather damage.”

The homeowners agreed that Province Slate in a Smokey Gray color perfectly accentuates the New Orleans style of their home, and they encouraged Greenwich to begin their synthetic slate roofing transformation.

Vintage Look, Modern Durability

Greenwich and his crew got started on the many roof elements of the Wetta home. As the worked, they paid close attention to make sure the measurements were very exact. With the roof surrounding a courtyard and a freestanding structure, precision was important.

“As we installed the DaVinci product you could see a dramatic upgrade take place,” says Greenwich. “This home went from an eyesore to the talk of the neighborhood. We had many people stop by during the installation to ask about the product and express interest for their own homes.

“Now that it’s complete, this Province Slate roof has transformed the Wetta home. It fits in beautifully with the style of the home and the community. I envision many more DaVinci roofs being installed in this area in the future.”