Synthetic Slate Tiles Top Custom Connecticut Home

Surrounded on three sides by water, Hillary Miller’s custom home sparkles. The shingle-style house, topped with synthetic slate tiles, captures the carefree persona of waterfront living.


Located on the Long Island Sound in Darien, Connecticut, the 8,500-square-foot home was designed by architect Michael LoBuglio and constructed by VAS Construction. The award-winning property features open spaces, an elevated pool deck and wrap-around porch.

“When I look at the exterior of my home, I truly love the architectural style, details and surrounding location,” says Miller. “We built this home after Hurricane Sandy. That meant I was more aware of wanting exterior products that could hold up to any condition.

“I approved of Michael’s choice of a synthetic slate roof from DaVinci Roofscapes because it looked like natural slate. I was told about the product’s durability and agreed that it was the ideal roof for my new home. Since my home was built in 2014 we’ve had some storms with high winds, and I’m pleased to say that the roof has held up beautifully and looks great.”

Building for a Lifetime

When Vincent Sciarretta and his team stepped in to build Miller’s dream home, he had one goal in mind: to make it perfect.


“Every home we’ve constructed for the past 35 years I’ve created as if I’m personally going to live there,” says Sciarretta, owner of VAS Construction. “We specialize in providing quality service as we create unforgettable homes.

“In Hillary’s case, we built custom cabinetry and vanities for her house plus special staircases and a stunning, weather-resistant exterior. I grew up on the water and know how important it is to select a roof that can stand up to Mother Nature. I’ve successfully used DaVinci roofs on several of my homes and love them. This is a showcase custom home that we’re hoping Hillary enjoys for many years.”

Realistic Synthetic Slate

Atop the peaks and valleys of the spacious home architect LoBuglio specified Multi-Width Slate in Castle Gray from DaVinci Roofscapes. The synthetic slate tiles were selected for their natural appearance to complement the waterside setting.

“Aesthetics were a key factor in the selection, but certainly not the only factor,” says LoBuglio, owner of Michael LoBuglio Architects. “Due to the home’s location, we needed a durable synthetic slate product that would resist high winds, impact, algae, fungus, insects and even termites. At the same time, we wanted a low maintenance roof for Hillary that would have a strong warranty.

“We found all these features in the DaVinci product, which I’ve specified on other home projects. From previous experiences I knew that the DaVinci tiles have a very realistic slate look, but without the heavy weight and hassles of real slate.


“For this project, the fact that you can literally touch the roof deck made it necessary to select very real-looking product. I like to bring the roof down low to create a human scale. The synthetic slate had to look authentic up close for this to work.

“The design elements I am most proud of for this home are the overall massing of the house, along with the light-admitting cupolas. Topping those off with the synthetic slate product from DaVinci truly sets off this house design.”

Award-Winning Home

Not surprisingly, the spacious home was awarded the 2014 HOBI Award in the category of Best Custom Home between 8,000 and 9,000-square feet. Awarded by the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Connecticut, Inc., the designation took no one by surprise.

“The combination of Mike’s terrific design for this home and our team of craftspeople created a truly stunning home for Hillary,” says Sciarretta. “The roof is one of the most prominent features of the home. All the way around, we’re all pleased with the way the DaVinci product completes the look of this home.”