Tale of the Perfect Roof

Dan Waserman’s story of his roof replacement reads a bit like the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. His first cedar shake roof suffered from mildew and rot. It was too hard. His second roof, made of asphalt shingle, lost its color and fell apart. It was too soft. However, his third roof — DaVinci Select Shake — is just right, the perfect roof.

The First Roof

Located in Plantation, Florida, the Waserman home was built in 1976. Dan and his wife Dorian moved in 10 years after the house was built.

“The original cedar roof has the look we liked,” says Waserman. “It complemented the cabin-style of the home. However, it didn’t last very long. The real cedar shakes got mildew. They became black in areas. The entire roof rotted and was in such bad shape we could not salvage it.”

The Second Roof

After having the real cedar roof removed, the Wasermans chose an asphalt shingle roof.

“We were not happy with the shingle at the time it was installed, but we didn’t have many choices then to get what we wanted,” says Waserman. “So we settled. Unfortunately, the shingle roof had almost the same problems as the real cedar roof.

“The second roof lost its color. It was mildewing, curling and falling apart. Pressure washing only made it worse. Each time we tried to clean it, we diminished the life span of the roof.”

Perfect Roof

The Third Roof

When the shingle roof began leaking in multiple areas, the Wasermans knew it was time to go on another roofing journey. This time they found a roof that’s “just right.”

“We searched for a cedar shake alternative roof to match the style of our home,” says Waserman. “We were both relieved and impressed to find the Select Shake from DaVinci.”

Made to withstand the high humidity areas of locations like Florida, DaVinci composite roofs resist mildew, rot and decaying. They also resist severe weather conditions, fire, impact, high winds — all conditions routinely found in Florida.

The realistic shake look appeals to Waserman. DaVinci Select Shake molds are taken from real wood profiles, making them perfect for projects where a traditional cedar look is desired. The multi-width shake product comes in 8 color blends, including Aged Cedar, Black Oak, Mossy Cedar, Autumn, Chesapeake, Mountain, Tahoe and Weathered Gray.

“Working with Ace Pro Roofing we were able to select a Mossy Cedar color for our roof,” says Wasserman. “This color provides a ‘lived in’ rustic appearance that fits our home.”

Select Shake: Made to Last

John DeMatteo, Owner of Ace Pro Roofing, wasn’t surprised to hear the Wasserman’s tale of “Roof Woe.” He’s heard it before.

“We install up to 30 DaVinci roofs each year,” says DeMatteo. “They’re ideal for the weather conditions we experience here in southern Florida. Both homeowners and insurance companies love them. They’re made to last. These composite roofs meet Class A fire and Class 4 impact codes. In addition, they are Miami Dade approved, handling winds up to 180mph.

“Most importantly for the Wasermans, this should be the last roof they ever put on their home. DaVinci Roofscapes tiles have a Lifetime Limited Materials Warranty. The roof they see today is the roof they’ll see decades from now.”

Happy Ending

The Wasermans appreciate both the expertise and professionalism displayed during the roof installation by the Ace Pro Roofing team.

“They are all the things you look for in a company,” says Waserman. “They made the experience easy and painless. Jim and John were always available, extremely helpful and very honest. I’ve already recommended them to several people and will continue to do so. They’ve given us a roof that we love.”

With both a solid roof overhead and a positive roofing experience behind them, the Wasermans’ roofing tale has reached its end.

“We believe that this Select Shake roof is the roof that our house was always meant to have,” says Waserman. “It’s just the right fit for our home.”