Tale of Two Brothers

Sometimes older brothers need the advice of their younger brothers. That’s what happened when Don Bartecki thought about replacing his old shake roof. He turned to his younger brother, Tom, who had just had a DaVinci Select Shake roof put on his home.

“Don was getting ready to sell his home,” says Tom Bartecki. “I mentioned that his old cedar shake roof would likely be an issue with any buyer. Some cedar shakes were cupping, split and starting to rot. That’s when I recommended he have the JNJ Restoration team give him an estimate.

“JNJ recently put a DaVinci composite shake roof on our home.  We’re extremely pleased with the look. We’re also happy that our new DaVinci roof is fire-resistant, requires little maintenance and is very durable.”

Investing in a Composite Roof

Taking the advice of his younger brother, Don Bartecki considered his options. His home is 26 years old and the old shake roof, which also had storm damage, made a bad first impression on potential buyers.

“We contacted Jason Chase with JNJ Renovation and was impressed with his proposal,” says Don Bartecki. “We liked the look of our previous cedar shake roof. However, when we saw the Select Shake appearance, we knew it was the perfect roof replacement option.

“We moved ahead with a Mountain color roof. The result is fantastic. The color is perfect and the entire home exterior looks cleaner. The JNJ team was outstanding. Above all, the new roof definitely adds a great deal of value to our home.”

Two Brothers

Authentic-Looking Select Shake

With the DaVinci reputation of durability and effortless upkeep, Select Shake tiles imitate authentic cedar shake better than any product on the market. The molds for the shake roofing tiles are taken from real wood profiles. This makes them perfect for projects where a traditional cedar look is desired.

However, DaVinci doesn’t stop at beauty. The product design of Select Shake allows for faster installation. In addition, the Class A fire rated and Class 4 impact rated tiles can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws its way.

Roofer Shakes Up His Own Neighborhood Two Brothers

Jason Chase knows how real cedar shakes fail with time and weather. In his own Illinois neighborhood, he’s replaced nine cedar shake roofs with DaVinci products in the past year.

“Composite shake roofing from DaVinci provides so many choices in style, look and colors,” says Chase, owner of JNJ Restoration. “This allows anyone to customize their roof while getting a shake roof with zero maintenance. It’s a win-win for my customers.”

Chase and his crew have installed 15 DaVinci roofs so far this year. And, they have another eight projects planned out.

“There are some very solid reasons why DaVinci cedar shakes are the best investment homeowners can make in a cedar roof replacement,” says Chase. “First of all, the quality of real cedar shakes on the market today is as bad as I’ve ever seen. I know of suppliers who have sent back multiple pallets of real wood shakes due to their poor quality.

“Second, the price for wood shakes has recently skyrocketed. They’re no longer a cost effective option compared to DaVinci’s composite shake product lines.

“Third, yearly maintenance expenses on real cedar shingles are killers for homeowners. The upkeep needed over the years costs a great deal of money. However, all these obstacles disappear when investing in composite shake shingles.”

More Benefits of Composite Roofing

For the Bartecki brothers, the wins keep coming following their investment in their Select Shake roofs.

“We have National General Insurance for our home,” says Tom Bartecki. “Once our DaVinci roof was installed, our premium was reduced by almost 50 percent! That’s how much the insurance company values the impact- and fire-resistance of the Select Shake product.”

For Don Bartecki, his new roof helped add to the curb appeal of his home. Which, as a result, helped secure a sales contract. “The first impression of our house is so enhanced by the new composite shake roof,” says Don Bartecki. “I’m sure the improved curb appeal added to the house being placed under contract.”