Texas Home Cools off With Composite Cool Roof

If you want to experience the full intensity of the sun, visit Texas. Searing and sizzling, the sun bakes everything in the Lone Star State. This includes roofs. That’s why the Stokoe family chose a sunlight-reflecting DaVinci Cool Roof for their Dallas home.

“We did extensive research to find a replacement roof,” says homeowner Chris Stokoe. “We looked at different products, tiles and patterns. In the end, we selected DaVinci Single-Width Slate in the Castle Gray Cool Roof color.”

DaVinci Cool Roofs

Available in select colors, DaVinci Cool Roofs are premium blends designed to reflect sunlight and heat away from the home. Cool Roof colors can increase a home’s energy efficiency. In addition, DaVinci Cool Roof colors meet requirements for ENERGY STAR® constructed homes and Title 24 for California residents.

“This composite tile protects our home from the sun’s intense rays and heat,” says Stokoe. “Similarly, it’s impact resistant. This means it can stand up to hail storms. Marry all that with the beauty and the sophistication of the slate tile, and we have a true winner.”

DMCP Project of the Year Winner 2021

Finding the Right Roofer

Before getting their new DaVinci roof, the Stokoes dealt with a failing roof. The defective product was curling. In addition, it was damaged from wind and hail. They needed to find the right roofer … and the right product … to solve the problem.

“We appreciate the knowledge that Daniel Askari brought to our project,” says Stokoe. “He was easy to deal with. Clearly he knows his products. His price was fair and competitive. The team was professional, courteous and responsive. You can’t ask for more from a roofing company.”

When recommending the DaVinci Single-Width Slate product, Askari suggested a 7-inch exposure. Molded from actual slate, the tiles have a natural non-repeating beauty on the roof. In addition, each piece is made of virgin resin, UV and thermal stabilizers, as well as a highly specialized fire retardant. The result is a state-of-the-art tile. There’s color through-and-through. In addition, each piece resists fading, splitting, cracking and curling.

Roofing Challenges

As the team from Absolute Construction settled into the project, they tackled several challenges. The home’s design has angles on multiple facets. Some slopes lead to dead valleys. And, some valleys have minimal run-off movement capabilities.

“The detailed on-site decisions, factored with the 14/12 pitch of this two-story home makes it a challenging project,” says Askari, general manager of Absolute Construction. “These unique circumstances brought out the true capabilities and craftsmanship that we are able to achieve.”

sunlight reflection cool roof

Satisfied Homeowner

According to Stokoe, his home’s finished sunlight-reflecting Cool Roof speaks for itself.

“When people see this roof, that is the biggest recommendation for both Absolute Construction and DaVinci,” says Stokoe. “Daniel worked well with us and with our neighbors. His team worked hard and long in the hot Texas sun. We could tell they were fully committed to our re-roofing project.

“Finally, the DaVinci product is beautiful. Our prior roof was a mixture of colors. The uniform Castle Gray is impressive. It looks rich. The tiles look like a very expensive slate … only better!”