The 20-Year Itch … for Composite Slate Roofing

How long do you keep your car before it looks worn out? When do you get a new coat because the old one is really out of style? The same thing happens with your roof. After many years of service, a composite slate roof upgrade could be the personality change your home deserves.

“Our old roof was a basic composition,” says homeowner John Distaso. “It was thin in spots. Our home is 20 years old and so was the roof. We needed an upgrade.”

Distaso started his search. He knew he wanted a roofing product that would make his house “pop” with curb appeal.

Canyon Residential Multi-Width composite Slate roof
Discovering Composite Slate

While the Distaso family originally wanted a real slate roof, they soon discovered their home’s frame structure would not support the weight. That’s when they learned about composite slate from DaVinci Roofscapes.

Showtime Exteriors told us about the benefits of DaVinci products and we were hooked,” says Distaso. “This is a lightweight roofing tile that resists hail, high winds and fire. In addition, the slate look is very authentic.

The Distasos chose DaVinci Multi-Width Slate in the Canyon blend. Three distinct colors in their composite slate roof upgrade — Medium Autumn, Dark Autumn and Light Mountain — now dance across the multiple levels of their Texas home.

“The colors complement the exterior paint on our home,” says Distaso. “We really appreciate the attractive slate appearance that gives new life to our older home. As a bonus, we now have a dependable roof with long-term durability. This is a great investment!”

20-Year Itch Needs Scratching

Several states away in Illinois, the Girgis family was also ready to transform their home’s exterior with a composite roof upgrade. They wanted to get rid of dirty, worn out cedar shakes.

“We built this home in 2000,” says Robert Girgis. “The cedar shake roof looked great back then. However, it aged badly over the past 20 years. We had to recondition it with a protective coating every few years. That was both messy and expensive.”

After years of cedar shake hassles, Girgis searched for a low-maintenance roof. He admired the DaVinci roofs on neighbor’s homes and started his research.

“The quality of the DaVinci composite roofing product is impressive,” says Girgis. “Our neighbors are very pleased with the durability of their roofs. When we asked our roofer, Owen Enterprises, Inc., about DaVinci, they had only good things to say!”

Brownstone Residential Single-Width composite slate

Trading in Old Wood Shakes

For their FRESH start roof makeover, Girgis selected an entirely new look to top off his home. Composite slate replaced real cedar. DaVinci Single-Width Slate in a Brownstone blend of four colors now tops his home.

“This Brownstone color matches our stone siding the best,” says Girgis. “We like the color and the transformation on our house exterior.

“Best of all, these composite slates require no maintenance. It’s exciting to know that they are backed by a Lifetime Limited Materials Warranty. In addition, they resist hail, insects, algae and other nasty things we had to deal with on our old cedar roof.

“This composite slate roof change is smart for us from both maintenance and home appearance standpoints. I’m certain we’ve added curb appeal and actual value to our property!”