The Switch: Cedar Roofing to Synthetic Slate Shingles

Challenge: California residents faced losing their homeowner insurance if they didn't replace their deteriorating cedar roof shingles.

Solution: A new roof style with imitation slate shingles that met the needs of the insurance company. Resistant to fire, high winds and severe weather, the DaVinci Roofscapes simulated slate roofing transformed the couple's home.

Polymer Roof TilesHomeowner Insights:

“Our biggest change was that we wanted to move away from the shake roof and move to a slate that we thought fit the style of the house better,” says Dr. Mike Boone, a part-time resident of Cayucos, Calif. “But, we didn’t want the hassle, weight and expense of real slate.

“We wanted a roof with some interest to it, not just one tedious color. Also, we needed a roof color combination that would not show sea salt spray or seagull poop. The subtleness of the colors we selected blended well together. We liked the blend of the roof colors so much that they inspired us to select exterior siding and accent colors to complement it."

Boone and his wife Andrea decided to create a custom color blend for the roof of their "Carmel Cottage" style home. They selected a DaVinci Multi-Width Slate roof in a stunning color combination that includes Slate Black and Slate Gray with highlight colors blended in of Light Green and Dark Green. (See Homeowners Create Their Own DaVinci Roofing Color Blends) Now their insurance concerns are a thing of the past and they're enjoying the synthetic slate roofing on their home.

 “Cayucos is a walking town," says Boone. "We get comments on our roof on a daily basis from people strolling by. The roof is a focal point of the house and we are extremely happy with the decisions we made on all the colors and products that make up our ‘new’ older home.”