The Wait is Over: Cedar Shake Roofing Tiles With the Perfect Patina

Jamie Bates has a simple theory: “When it’s snowing inside your house, it’s definitely time to call in a roofer.” Bates, president of AllPro Roofing Inc. in Canada, has seen this situation happen — several times.

“People often hold onto their real cedar shake roofs longer than they should,” says Bates, president of AllPro Roofing Inc. “Just when the natural cedar shakes have reached a patina homeowners like, that’s usually when the shakes fall apart.”

The team at AllPro Roofing has a solution. Composite shake tiles that have the desired patina built right in.

Inside Snowfall

For one of Bates’ most recent projects, the story was the same.

Garry Smith and his family live in a home they built in 1968. About 20 years ago they installed real cedar shakes on their roof. Unfortunately they did not do preventative maintenance, so the shake shingles resulted in a leaking roof.

“The existing cedar shingles on Mr. Smith’s home were in dire need of replacement,” says Bates. “The cedar shingles had begun to deteriorate. They were flying off the roof in high winds. In addition, they left areas of the roof vulnerable to leaks and damage from ice and snow.”

Perfect Patina

Built-in Patina

After doing his research online, Smith found Select Shakes from DaVinci Roofscapes. He liked what he saw — especially the perfect patina of the Aged Cedar shakes.

“We wanted the look of the previous shingles, but with a longer lifespan,” says Smith, a resident of Ontario. “The DaVinci product gave us a definite upgrade in weather protection. We have renewed peace-of-mind with our new Select Shake roofing tiles.”

Trending Toward Composite Shakes Perfect Patina

For the past six years the team at AllPro Roofing has installed up to 10 DaVinci roofs each year. The Smith house was one of those projects this year. The sprawling layout of the home and a nearby shed required three weeks of work.

“Our team worked hard to remove the old cedar,” says Bates. “After decades on the roof, the existing cedar shingles were brittle and dirty, making a mess.

“Then we installed an ice and water shield on the roof deck. Next came the Select Shake tiles with copper drip edge, valleys and flashings. Finally, copper snow guards were added over the garage and front entrances of the home.”

New Roof, Relieved Homeowners

The transformation complete, both the roofer and homeowner are exceedingly pleased with the results.

“Canadian winters are notorious for high winds and freezing temperatures,” says Bates. “The DaVinci cedar shake roofing easily stands up to those conditions. In addition, this roofing product has exceptional durability, a long life span, and comes in a wide variety of amazing colors.”

“The DaVinci roof looks exceptional on our home,” says Smith. “AllPro not only provided us with excellent service, but they’ve installed a no-hassles roof for us that looks great!”