Three Strikes You’re Out … of the Old Shake Game

After repairing and replacing their real wood shake shingles three times in the past 30 years, the Junghans decided enough was enough. They moved away from cedar shake shingles and made the change to DaVinci Shake roofing.

As the Junghans researched their options, two things became clear: Greg liked the idea that composite shake tiles would bring the couple savings on their homeowners insurance, and Patricia liked the look of the DaVinci Multi-Width Shake her roofer had shown her.

Weddle and Sons were really good to work with,” says Greg Junghan. “With their extensive experience with DaVinci, they were able to advise us on picking the right product for our home. And, my wife really appreciated the wide range of color options that were available. Together they picked the Tahoe color and it looks great on the house.”

DaVinci Multi-Width Shake, Clean Lines. Can't lose.

Premium Polymer Shakes

The DaVinci Multi-Width Shake product selected by the Junghans has enough features to get any homeowner excited.

Made in Kansas—where the Junghans reside — the polymer shake tiles resist hail, high winds and fire. They also resist insects, rotting, color fading, severe weather and freeze/thaw situations.

Multiple widths (including nine-, eight-, seven-, six- and four-inches) help create a natural, non-repeating appearance. The polymer shake tiles can be laid in a straight or staggered pattern. And, the five-eighth-inch profile deepens the shadow lines.

A Forever Roof

“We have been installing DaVinci products for more than ten years,” says Brandon Clark with Weddle and Sons, Inc. “This is a reliable, good-looking roofing material. It consistently generates interest from homeowners who want a premium style roof with long-term value.

“Our customers like the idea that they’re supporting a product made in Kansas. We like the dependability of the product for a climate like ours. We’ve been doing this long enough to experience every kind of extreme weather event, and DaVinci roofs consistently come through unscathed. Once they’re on a home, they’re on it forever.”

If you think DaVinci Multi-Width Shake looks good from the ground, you should see it from the sky!