Top-to-Bottom DaVinci Shake Roofing and Siding

With its composite shake siding and composite shake roof -- both by DaVinci -- this homeowner will enjoy minimal maintenance and maximum storm damage protection for decades to come.
When the coastal conditions finally beat up the exterior of Jeff Bergren’s Oregon home, he knew what to do. He turned to DaVinci Roofscapes. Farewell, real cedar shakes. Hello, composite shake siding and Select Shake roofing!

“We have two homes in Texas with DaVinci roofs on them,” says Bergren. “They’re in great shape. Those composite roofs hold up against the potential of hail, heat, cold and high winds. It’s a durable, maintenance-free product with lots of curb appeal. It’s exactly the kind of easy-care product I need for my Oregon home!”

DaVinci Hand-Split Composite Shake Siding in Aged Cedar Synthetic Shake Suits Coastal Conditions

Bergren got about 18 years out of his real cedar roof and siding in Oregon. By the time DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor Landon Coggins came to inspect it, there was severe deterioration. He found dry rot and bad sheathing in areas. Plus, the exterior simply looked worn out and beaten up by Mother Nature.

“DaVinci products are ideally suited for coastal conditions,” says Coggins, co-owner of Apex Home Solutions. “The composite roofing stands up to sea salt, harsh sun, high winds and stormy conditions. The roofing product you put on today is the same product you’ll see decades from now.”

The unique capabilities of DaVinci products are why Apex Home Solutions successfully installs about 25 DaVinci roofs a year throughout Oregon and Washington. The majority are re-roofs, when real cedar fails. The composite product’s Class A fire and Class 4 impact ratings are appealing to homeowners in the area.

Covering the Entire House

For the Bergren home, Coggins found the cedar siding in just as bad a shape as the roofing. So he discussed the advantages of the DaVinci composite Hand-Split Shake Siding with the homeowner.

“I offered details so they could make an informed decision,” says Coggins. “Basically, by choosing this siding, they could say farewell to moss and algae growth. Good-bye to insects eating the cedar. And, they were able to create an entirely waterproof exterior.”

After getting the green light for the DaVinci Hand-Split Shake Siding in an Aged Cedar coloring to match the Select Shake roof, Coggins next decided to use HydroGap Housewrap and AZEK trims. Both products require minimal maintenance. They also add to the exterior’s durability.

“These products raised the value and curb appeal of the Bergren’s home,” says Coggins. “At the same time, the homeowners don’t have to worry about maintenance issues when they’re not here. And, because of all the assets of the DaVinci products, there’s a very good chance they’ll get a significant discount on their homeowner’s insurance.”

Thanks to its DaVinci composite shake siding and composite shake roof this home has the ideal protection for rugged coastal conditions. Quality Products & Workmanship

In many ways it’s as if Coggins was reading the mind of his client.

“The main benefit to these DaVinci products in my mind is that they’re extremely durable and have a long life cycle,” says Bergren. “In addition, they’re literally maintenance free. I think the DaVinci products have measurably improved the value of the home. They’ve also dramatically improved the curb appeal as compared to real weathered cedar shakes.

“Landon at Apex Home Solutions was great to work with. The quality of their work is extremely strong. I think they are a very high integrity provider. Their service is of the highest standard that I have ever experienced.”

More Top-to-Bottom Projects

Now that the Bergren home is complete, the Apex Home Solutions team continues their demanding schedule. With offices in both Oregon City and Gearhart, Oregon, they’re kept quite busy. The crew is now installing three more DaVinci “roof and siding” combinations along the Oregon coast. In addition, they have four Province Slate roofing projects underway.

“DaVinci is a great product, made extremely well with thought and care,” says Coggins. “This makes it very easy to get behind the product. We sell it with confidence.

“The product remains beautiful even under the harshest conditions as it ages. Our teams are proud to install the roofing and siding. Most of all, we’re happy to share these valuable products with our clients.”

Award-Winning Project

For the unique application of DaVinci products to both the roof and siding of this project, Apex Home Solutions was named as a winner of a 2023 DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor Project of the Year Award.

The award was presented this year to just six residential contractors, and Apex Home Solutions is the only West Coast contractor to receive the award. Qualifications are excellence of installation work, outstanding visual impact and ability of the work involving DaVinci products to transform the look of a home.