WANTED: Eye-Popping Roof

Earlier this year Daniel and Sidney Crane purchased a home in Barrington, Illinois. Naturally, they were excited. Except when they looked at their home’s old asphalt roof.

“We knew the roof was our first project,” says Daniel Crane. “The asphalt looked ‘tired’ and had minimal appeal. In addition, the old roof shingles didn’t look to scale for the house.

“Our desire was to find a roofing product to match the balance of the home, but also with some eye-popping appeal.”

Architect Input

In their search for a replacement roofing product, the Cranes consulted with Newman Architecture. The firm had impressed them with design work on his company’s office renovations at Panels Plus. One of the firm’s lead architects, Dawn Newman, recommended roofing products from DaVinci Roofscapes.

“We were immediately impressed with the size of the DaVinci shake shingles,” says Crane. “The thickness of the shingles and the color selections were amazing. We knew right away that we would choose the Black Oak color. The excellent variations made the color ‘pop’ against our light brick home exterior.”

Eye-Popping Roof

Considering Composite Roofing

As the Cranes reviewed their shake options from DaVinci, they came to appreciate various aspects of the products.

“The long warranty, impact and fire resistance, and low maintenance are all very appealing to us,” says Crane. “With the Class 4 impact rating, our insurance company gave us a discount on our yearly homeowner insurance premiums. I calculated that the discount will pay for about 10 percent of the roof over a minimal 20-year period!”

Selecting Select ShakeEye-Popping Roof

After consulting with Jason Chase of JNJ Restoration, the Cranes decided on Select Shake tiles. They appreciate the 5/8-inch thickness of the tiles, along with the authentic wood profiles. The Cranes believe the texture and design of the tiles help showcase their home.

“JNJ Restoration did a fantastic job on this re-roofing project,” says Crane. “From the beginning to the end, they were on top of every aspect of the job. No sneaky change orders. No cost-cutting. Only great service, installation and quality.”

FOUND: Eye-Popping Roof

With their new composite shake roof in place, the Cranes feel confident in their DaVinci decision.

“Every day when I pull in the driveway, my eyes are still drawn to the awesome roof system,” says Crane. “We get nothing but complements on the roof.

“I believe the Select Shake in the Black Oak coloring makes a very positive change on the home’s exterior. It actually gives it a new look with amazing appeal. And, we get to benefit from the long-term durability and low-maintenance of these terrific composite shake tiles.”