Wedding Guest: DaVinci Polymer Slate Roof

Bridal veils and scaffolding don't mix well. That's why, when the popular Addison Oaks – Buhl Estate in Leonard, Michigan needed a new roof, the installation had to be scheduled during the winter months.

"Approximately 30,000 guests visit our historic venue yearly," says Dan Shaw with Oak Management, which manages the manor. "We have hundreds of weddings in our English Tudor-style manor home each year, so the roof had to go up during our slower winter months."

Royal Roofing in Orion, Michigan was up to the challenge. They recommended and installed a Multi-Width Slate lightweight roofing solution from DaVinci Roofscapes during the early winter months of 2014.

"The previous roof tile was a violet/pink color that we were able to match with a violet-colored DaVinci imitation slate roof," says Tim Frisch, project manager with Royal Roofing. "The DaVinci product was specifically chosen because it provided the look of the original roof on the building and has a 50 year roof warranty."

Scaffolding surrounded the 1927 vintage building as the Royal Roofing team went to work. The uniquely-styled building has nine chimneys, a series of low-sloped dormers, an entrance turret and a variety of gables. "Our men loved the workability of the synthetic slate shingles," says Frisch. "We had no problems at all with the installation and we're recommending it for other residential and commercial projects in our area."

Slate Alternative


Completed on schedule despite heavy snowfall and chilly temperatures, the new roof now enhances the destination venue. "What has been most intriguing since the renovation is the amount of time people spend gazing at all the copper craftsmanship and the new shake tile roof," says Shaw. "Guests seem mesmerized as they walk up to the building. It's fun to watch!

"We have the picture-perfect setting for weddings and other special occasions. Now, thanks to DaVinci and Royal Roofing, those pictures just got better!"