West Coast Homeowners Rely on DaVinci Roofscapes Composite Roofing

Ask Emilio Ricci why he selected composite shake tiles to re-roof his Tahoe City, Calif. home and his one-word answer comes swiftly. Wildfires.           

Cedar Roof Shingles“Our insurance company basically told us to get rid of the original cedar shake roof or they would drop us,” says homeowner Emilio Ricci. “We did some research and liked the functionality and long life span of the DaVinci synthetic shake roofing tiles. In our area, it was extremely important that the roofing tiles have a Class A Fire Rating. These tiles achieve that by meeting the ASTME E 108 fire test.”

Since the roof on Ricci’s 960-square foot A-frame home covers the vast majority of the exterior, he paid special attention to the roofing tiles selected. “We found that the synthetic roofing tiles were within our budget and added a strong visual appeal to the home,” says Ricci. “Now we’re counting on the warranty of the product so that we don’t have to replace the roofing tiles again for decades.”

Another West Coast homeowner depending on synthetic shake shingles is James Brinton in Glenbrook, Nevada.

“Our mountain-style home needed the extra protection offered by synthetic shake roofing tiles,” says Brinton. “The combination of the durability, look and safety features of the roof convinced us this was a solid investment for our home’s future.”

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